Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 467

Chapter 467 So Loving

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She instinctively understood that Wen Xuxu was much more scheming and shrewd that she had appeared to be.

“I’ll leave Miss Zhou here then. Are you able to walk?” Wen Xuxu relinquished her grip on Zhou Tong’s hand as she stared at the bottom part of her gown.

Zhou Tong gave a fleeting smile. “Thank you, Miss Wen, for your concern.”

Her voice was seething with hatred and fury, and she strode forward without further ado.

Wen Xuxu spoke up once more, “Keep in mind I’m Mrs. Yan!”

She gracefully spun around and returned to the stage. When she faced the reporters and the cameras, she was gracious, demure, and gentle.

Standing amidst the crowd, she appeared to be a dignified daughter of a prominent family who had displayed graciousness and humility.

When Zhou Tong fell earlier, she had rushed to help her. Instead, Zhou Tong refused her help and she almost stumbled and fell. Furthermore, Zhou Tong questioned her and accused her of doing it on purpose.

It was rumored Third Madam Yan was cold and aloof. She was very direct and straightforward regarding her likes and dislikes and wasn’t pretentious.

So her concern towards Zhou Tong must have been genuine, and it showed how gracious and magnanimous she was.

As compared, the popular celebrity Zhou Tong appeared petty.

Xuxu strode back to Yan Rusheng as countless pairs of eyes looked at her with approval. She put her arm around his naturally.

Zhou Tong went back to change into a brilliant red Western-inspired gown and changed her hairdo. After freshening up, she appeared looking fabulous again.

She began to chat with several directors from different companies.

She stole a glance at Xuxu while she was conversing with them. At the same time, Xuxu was also looking at her.

Their eyes met and she raised her chin haughtily, looking proud and dignified. The young and good-looking men around her seemed to make her more dazzling and illuminated her in the crowd.

One shouldn’t be compared to another.

But as she compared herself to Xuxu, she felt that her glory and pride had substantially diminished.

After lunch, many of the guests started leaving. Yan Rusheng and Xuxu stood at the hotel entrance to bade them goodbye.

When everyone had left, Xuxu and Yan Rusheng were the only ones left at the door. Yan Rusheng inched towards her and affectionately whispered, “You’re gradually displaying your real personality.”

Xuxu instantly comprehended the meaning behind his words although she feigned ignorance. “What personality?”

“Your hidden scheming and petty side,” Yan Rusheng said with a sly smile as he embraced her tightly.

This fellow really didn’t give a damn about where they were right now. Xuxu shyly and nervously peered around as she answered him, “I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

“Are you sure?” Yan Rusheng pinched her waist and gradually added more strength. Xuxu was in pain and felt ticklish at the same time.

But she stopped herself from yelling. She continued her pretense, “I don’t.”

“As compared to the indifferent and aloof side of you, I like the petty side of you.”

Yan Rusheng snuggled up to Xuxu as his lips brushed against her soft and supple neck. His voice turned hoarse and tender, and it was seductive.

He used his soft lips to brush against her skin and succeeded in tempting Xuxu and himself at the same time.

Xuxu was flustered and raised her hands to grab Yan Rusheng’s arms hastily. She looked at him, as her eyes lit up with eager anticipation. “What did you say?”

He said he liked her? Did she hear him wrongly?

Yan Rusheng didn’t understand why she was overwhelmed, neither did he understand her sudden anticipation. He grabbed her waist and bent his head to kiss the tip of her nose. “You are more enchanting and alluring when you’re being petty and jealous.”

He sounded so ambiguous and loving.