Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 468

Chapter 468 Like A Thief

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Xuxu closed her eyes and enjoyed his warm breath smothering her as she broke into a gentle smile.

Was this a dream?

The guests at the main hall of the hotel couldnt refrain from whipping out their cell phone to snap a picture of the two of them kissing in public.

After the event ended, Xuxu and Yan Rusheng went back to the office.

Before Young Master Yan went into his office, he pressed his lips on Xuxus ears. He then whispered, Since theres a huge pile of work before us, billing and cooing can only happen at night on our bed.

His words made her face turned red with embarrassment, and for the entire afternoon, her face was especially rosy.

Since that day was the companys annual meeting, everyone, including Yan Rusheng, knocked off punctually.

He took his coat with him and then strode out of his office, his eyes lingering on Xuxus spick and span desk. Her seat was already empty and her laptop was turned off.

It all indicated that the owner of the seat had already left.

President Yan.

Just then, Qiao Jian walked over. Yan Rusheng averted his gaze towards him with a look of annoyance. Did Wen Xuxu say where she went?

Qiao Jian could sense that he was raging on the verge of raging right now, and so he answered cautiously, Madam didnt mention where she was going. She merely only said that she had something to attend to and left.

How long had she left? Yan Rusheng asked as he whipped out his cell phone to dial Xuxus number.

Qiao Jian looked at his watch and answered, She left about half an hour ago.

After dialing Xuxus number, Yan Rusheng flung his coatwhich he had been holding with the other handat Qiao Jian. He then strode towards the door with huge steps.

The call got through. Young Master Yan asked in annoyance, Wen Xuxu, where are you?

Xuxu replied, Im already at the hotel.

Hearing this, Yan Rusheng hung up without a word.

Qiao Jian followed after him and tried to keep up with his pace while exerting extra effort.

Seeing his boss looking so anxious and worried, he felt scorned. So what if she had left earlier? Lady boss is already an adult, and she couldnt possibly lose her way.

Was there a need to behave in this manner? Getting all worked up! Would he die if hes away from lady boss for even a split second?

Xuxu walked into the main hall of the companys annual meeting place and was stupefied.

She scanned the surroundingsred carpet, balloons, roses, bow-shaped floral door

Why did she feel that she was attending a wedding reception instead?

Many employees of Flourish & Prosper had arrived, and everyone was looking elegant and beautiful at their companys annual meeting.

Xuxu walked farther in, and a floral basket filled with colorful roses caught her eye. Each rose looked beautifully alluring.

While she was engrossed in admiring the roses, someone called out to her, Sister Xuxu, you have arrived.

It was Manager Wang from the PR Department. Xuxu looked at him and nodded.

She asked, Do you know where President Yans room is?

Yes, Manager Wang replied. President Yans room number is 204 and I have his room card.

As he said that, Manager Wang took out a wallet from his pocket and passed the room card to Xuxu.

Xuxu received it and said, Alright, thank you.

After thanking Manager Wang, she turned around and left the hall with the room card in her hand.

Since the company had booked the entire floor, every high-ranking executive from various departments was given a room for them to rest.

Xuxu found Room 204 and gained access using the room card. Even though it was her husbands room, she somehow felt guilty and walked in stealthilylike a thief.

It was a splendorous and majestic suite.

Xuxu stepped on the soft carpet with her high heels without making a single sound.

She drew out a red heart-shaped box from her bag and walked around the entire room.