Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 469

Chapter 469 Too Slipshod I Dont Agree

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In the end, she decided to place the box at the coffee table, because from her understanding of Yan Rusheng, he would definitely take a nap on the sofa when he came into the room.

She walked over to the coffee table, bent over, and gingerly placed down the box on the table in such a way that the printed side of the box was facing the sofa.

She gave the box a kiss and then looked at it with endearing eyes. Ah Sheng, I love you.

After years of being hidden inside her heart, she finally was able to express those words. She wasnt as nervous as she had imagined, but rather, she was filled with anticipation.

Everyone was allowed to bring their friends or relatives to the companys annual meeting, which the majority of them did. As the hall was brimming with people, Xuxu found a quiet corner to settle down.

She was holding and swaying a glass of red wine in her hand with a certain hesitation.

To some, drinking wine requires a certain degree of courage and determination, especially for her.

Wen Xuxu!

As Xuxu was lost in her thoughts, a familiar male voice was heard coming from behind. He sounded infuriated.

As she turned her head, the man had already stood on her side. His charming face was darker than Justice Bao.

What happened again?

Xuxu knitted her eyebrows and looked at the man. He seemed to be on the verge of exploding. What have I done to irate Young Master again?

Yan Rusheng walked closer to Wen Xuxu and berated her. Who gave you the permission to leave first?

Upon hearing the reason for Yan Rushengs rage, Xuxu rolled her eyes. I thought it was due to some grave matters. I came earlier to see the work arrangements.

Was there a need to behave in this manner just because of this small matter?

Yan Rusheng frowned. Then why didnt you inform me before you left?

Xuxu found it amusing. Why are you so anxious? Im not a three-year-old child. I wont get lost and neither will I run off.

I Just before Yan Rusheng could continue to berate Xuxu, a voice laced with laziness was heard coming from behind him. Third Yan, I know that you have a strict upbringing. But shouldnt you save some face for Xuxu, especially in the presence of so many people?

Xuxu was startled to see a certain group of men walking towards them.

This was their companys annual meeting, so why is it that the group of Young Masters was present as well?

Lu Yinan led the group and strolled leisurely towards Yan Rusheng and Xuxu.

He then stood beside Yan Rusheng, raised his eyebrows and laughed. Two days ago when you called to invite us to your companys annual meeting, was it intended for us have a glimpse at how Third Young Master lectures his wife?

He called and invited them two days ago?

Xuxu couldnt make head or tail out of the conversation. She stared blankly at the group of Young masters who were Yan Rushengs childhood friends. Everyone was present, including Jiang Zhuoheng.

Seeing Jiang Zhuoheng, she seemed to have understood something all of a sudden, and she almost burst out laughing.

Get lost! Yan Rusheng menacingly glared at Young Master Lu. He took a step closer to Xuxu and embraced her waist instinctively.

When all of the Young Masters stood together, each having their own merits, they made an impressive sight.

Wen Xuxu didnt want to further grapple with this bunch of Young Masters as they were not on the same frequency as her. Thus, she found an excuse to leave.

Looking at Xuxus slender back view, Lu Yinan walked over to Yan Rusheng and asked curiously, Third Yan, you had this place decorated in this manner and even called us over. What are you up to?

Without waiting for Yan Rusheng to respond, Ming Ansheng speculated. Are you making use of this opportunity to hold a post-wedding with Xuxu?

Hearing this, Lu Yinan gestured with a wave. This is too slipshod and random. I dont agree.