Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 471

Chapter 471 A Lifelong Mistake To Have Met Young Master Yan

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Yan Rusheng added, “As the lady boss of the company, shouldn’t you be more prudent with the company’s expenditure?”

He reached out to her from the back and embraced her waist.

Xuxu wiggled her body awkwardly and spoke with a hint of jealousy, “No matter how meticulous and careful I am with the company’s expenditure, I can’t write off the penalty fees for breaching the contract to replace a celebrity as the company’s spokesperson.”

When Yan Rusheng heard this, he burst into laughter. “You are indeed petty.”

After that, he turned his head, pressed forward to Xuxu’s ears, and whispered, “Chen Yuxi was replaced because of her character, and it has nothing to do with others.” His voice was laced with a hint of a smile, and it made him sound especially gentle and even more attractive.

He put down his wine glass and embraced her with both hands.

Even though her petite frame was covered with layers of clothes, the intimate feelings of embracing her were still as wonderful.

He just couldn’t hold back any longer.

Xuxu turned away from him in a huff. She looked at him through the corner of her eyes and sneered coldly, “Oh, others? Who is this ‘others’ that you are talking about?”

In his heart, was Fang Jiayin considered as ‘others’?

She wanted to know badly. But she knew that if she continued to press him while he’s embracing her, she would appear to be petty and pretentious.

“You really don’t know?” Yan Rusheng stroked her waist with his huge palm. His warm breath revealed a dangerous signal.

Xuxu understood his hooligan antics and wanted to push him away to escape.

But Yan Rusheng wouldn’t give her an opportunity to do so. One look at her, he already knew her intention. Just when she was about to stand up, he pushed her down with all his might and crushed his body on to her. “Don’t feign ignorance.”

Without giving her a chance to retaliate, he pressed his lips firmly onto hers.

“Mmm” Xuxu turned rigid and her eyes widened in shock as she stared intently at the man’s deep-set eyes.

Xuxu thought,“This is too much! This fellow is getting more blatant and unrestrained.”

She clenched her fists tightly and hurled punches at Yan Rusheng with all her might. She nervously scanned the surroundings as the huge hall was filled with people. Her heart was almost in her mouth.

What happens if someone caught them in the act?

“Quickly, take a look.”

“President Yan is so amazing. He can persevere for so long.”

“It’s so thrilling. Live telecast from President Yan and Madam.”

“Boss and lady boss publicly displaying their affection.”

What she had feared came true. People started noticing them and were making a commotion as they watched the couple.

Although the voices were mainly full of adoration and envy, Xuxu’s face turned crimson as if besieged by a rush of blood. She closed her eyes tightly and all she wanted was to find a hole to bury herself.

However, the man on top of her didn’t seem to have any intentions to stop.

She was extremely annoyed and so she hit him hard with her knee. The man groaned out loud, his charming face turned crimson instantly. He lifted his head and looked at Xuxu.

This stupid woman was so vicious. How dare she kicked him hard at that spot?

As there were so many pairs of eyes looking at them, Young Master Yan refrained himself from lashing out at her even though he was in intense pain. He could only purse his lips and wait for the pain to subside.

Xuxu finally found the opportunity to push him away. She hastily scrambled to her feet. She lowered her head and frantically tidied up her hair and clothes.

Would everyone misunderstand that she was the one who possessed strong desires for that kind of thing and couldn’t control herself?

It seemed that it was her lifelong mistake to have met Yan Rusheng. Because of him, her image and integrity had been tarnished.

As compared to Xuxu, Yan Rusheng was calm and unruffled in the midst of the chaos. He tidied his shirt while licking the area of his lips which Xuxu had bitten. He felt pleased with himself.