Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 472

Chapter 472 Definitely Not Enough

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Everyone still fixed their gaze on the two. In fact, the crowd just got larger and larger.

Xuxu was just too embarrassed to even raise her head.

Yan Rusheng shot her a glance and then turned to show his cold face to the crowd. “To those who are standing there watching, each one is to pay 500 yuan for viewing fees. If you don’t pay, then you need not report to work next month.”

He sounded laid back yet determined and haughty.

Everyone in the crowd instantly clammed up and hastily took flight.

It was only a few seconds of the live telecast and there wasn’t even any in-depth content. So why is he charging them viewing fees?

Those ‘hot performances’ in the fitting room also didn’t command any fees.

So why was President Yan so mean?

He was indeed an indisputable blood-sucking capitalist.

Everyone was criticizing him quietly, but no one had the courage to challenge him.

It’s difficult to find a job nowadays, especially from a high threshold enterprise like Flourish & Prosper. So even if they were reluctant to, they better pay up the 500 yuan.

Xuxu’s mouth twitched non-stop. “Yan Rusheng, you are downright shameless.”

She glared at Yan Rusheng with a look of disdain, stood up furiously and stomped off. The‘deng deng’sound of her footsteps sounded increasingly farther.

He had gone too far with his behavior this time and yet, he didn’t feel a sense of shame when the public caught him in the act. He even had the cheek to collect viewing fees from the people. Other than Yan Rusheng, no one else would do such a thing.

Yan Rusheng raised his wineglass again and leaned on the sofa while lazily crossing his legs. He watched with interest as the little woman furiously made a quick exit.

What should he do? Just looking at her back view warmed his heart, and it delighted his eyes.

Till now, he couldn’t understand why he would fall in love with Wen Xuxuthis dumb woman. He had never had a good impression of her ever since they were young.

Once, he even warned her not to harbor any feeling towards him just because there were circulating rumors about them.

But who would have expected that he would fall head over heels in love with her in the end?

How he wished he could abandon his status and image and hover around her at all times.

They had known each other for over 20 years and spent more than 10 years by each other’s side. Weren’t these enough?

The answer was definitely not enough. He wanted

Yan Rusheng looked intently at the tiny-figured woman who had disappeared into the crowd and slightly smiled.

A lifetime!

Yan Rusheng and the few Young Masters went into the card room to play for a few rounds. When he came out, he couldn’t find any trace of Wen Xuxu in the hall.

“Manager Wang.”

He caught sight of Manager Wang from the PR Department and waved at him.

Manager Wang hurriedly walked over and greeted him with a smile. “President Yan.”

Yan Rusheng asked, “Where’s Wen Xuxu’s room?”

Since she wasn’t in the card room nor at the hall, he assumed that she must be resting in her own room.

Manager Wang politely replied, “Madam’s room is at Room 208.”

Without a word, Yan Rusheng strode towards the entrance with vigorous steps. On his way out, he took a glance at the room directional signage and found his way to Room 208.

“President Yan.”

Yan Rusheng was about to turn towards the direction of Xuxu’s room when a familiar woman’s voice called out to him all of a sudden.

He stopped in his tracks and turned towards the voice. There was a fleeting look of surprise in his eyes.

“Miss Zhou.”

Zhou Tong was wearing a khaki colored long dress with a little fur jacket, and she was holding a bright pink Chanel clutch bag in her hand. She wore light makeup and walked gracefully towards Yan Rusheng.

A tall lady was beside her.