Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 473

Chapter 473 You Should Be Recuperating At Home

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She was overflowing with beauty, and it hinted a simple yet elegant smile. Against her pale skin, her gentle looking eyes looked exceptionally lovely and alluring.

Her waist length hair hung loosely over her shoulders. Along with her causal-looking white knitted blouse, she exuded a graceful and intelligent womanly charm.

Just looking at her made one feel at ease.

Her skinny jeans fitted snugly around her slender legs. She followed behind Zhou Tong with light, graceful steps.

As she walked over to Yan Rusheng, she gazed at him and then gently called out, “Ah Sheng.”

“Mm,” Yan Rusheng answered faintly without a trace of warmth in his tone. “You’ve just been discharged from the hospital and recuperate at home.”

His intention was very obvious.

Both Fang Jiayin and Zhou Tong understood.

“I” Fang Jiayin bit her lips and appeared awkward. “I know that I shouldn’t be here”

Before she could even finish her words, Zhou Tong suddenly interrupted. “I’m the one who dragged Jiayin here. She just got discharged and was feeling bored at home. Since today is Christmas Day and everywhere is in a festive mood, I got her to accompany me here.”

She smiled as she explained to Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng didn’t look at Zhou Tong nor responded to her explanation. With complex emotions imbued in his eyes, he directed all that to Fang Jiayin instead.

He remained silent for a while before speaking, “Since you are here, so be it.”

It’s good that she’s here too. Perhaps from now on, she would let go completely.

Fang Jiayin looked down, and with a hint of delight in her eyes, she raised her head and looked at Yan Rusheng. “Ah Sheng, Merry Christmas.”

Yan Rusheng pressed his lips and said, “You can go in but it’s pretty crowded and noisy inside. You may not be used to it.”

Fang Jiayin chuckled. “Then I’ll just go to the hall and take a seat.”

After that, she lowered her head and looked rather disappointed.

Zhou Tong felt sorry for her. She held on to her arm as she consoled her, “Since we are already here, let’s go in for some fun. Aren’t you feeling bored after staying in the hospital for so long?”

Of course, she could also tell that Yan Rusheng didn’t want to let Fang Jiayin appear in the presence of his employees. If Fang Jiayin were to walk in, she would definitely create unnecessary attention.

Furthermore, there were scandals about them before.

But she deliberately wanted her to go in. That evil Wen Xuxu was so detestable. How could she make a fool out of her in the public?

She just couldn’t take it lying down.

“I’m feeling giddy, and the hall is the right kind of quiet for me.” Fang Jiayin made up an excuse to reject Zhou Tong. After that, she looked down and supported her forehead with her hand, looking like she’s unwell.

Yan Rusheng looked at her and seemed to have recalled something. He took out a room card from his pocket and handed it to Fang Jiayin. “My company had reserved an extra room. If you feel unwell, you can take a rest there.”

Anyway, he had no intention to stay in that room. So he let her have it.

Knowing how her brain works, he believed that she would take the chance and stay in that room.

For the last three years, he was mad at her for leaving without a word. But now, he realized that he was the one at fault.

Thinking back, she had invested everything into their relationship, and what he had given her was only an illusion.

If she hadn’t left, he wouldn’t have discovered that Wen Xuxu was the one he loved.

Thus, towards her, he felt guilt and gratitude at the same time.

But since she was already here, he couldn’t chase her out. He could only make arrangements for her without causing any misunderstanding to Xuxu.

“Ok.” Fang Jiayin didn’t decline and took the room card from Yan Rusheng’s hand.