Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 474

Chapter 474 Do You Think I'm An Idiot?

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Zhou Tong saw that Fang Jiayin had accepted the room card from Yan Rusheng and couldn’t take it lying down. “Jiayin, since you’re already here, let’s go in and have a bite. You haven’t had your dinner, right?”

Yan Rusheng viciously glared at Zhou Tong and coldly said, “Miss Zhou, if you run into my wife again, please address her as Mrs. Yan.”

This wretched woman. She had the audacity to scheme against him time and time again!

Looks like it’s time to knock her down with a peg or else she won’t know her limits.

Yan Rusheng’s remarks took aback Zhou Tong. She immediately pressed her lips together and remained quiet.

Fang Jiayin looked at the room number on the card and double checked the room directional signage before replying Yan Rusheng with a smile, “In that case, I’ll go and take a rest.”

She looked at Zhou Tong and said, “Zhou Tong, go and have a bite. I’ll be in room 204. Come to the room and look for me before you leave.”

Zhou Tong had no choice but to oblige and nodded her head. “Alright, I’ll go in and show my face before going over to look for you.”

Since she’s Flourish & Prosper’s current spokesperson, she had requested in her contract to attend tonight’s annual meeting, all for the sake of publicity and boosting her popularity.

Fang Jiayin replied, “It’s alright. You can stay on and have fun since I’ll be taking a nap.”

After that, she turned around and headed for Room 204.

Yan Rusheng followed behind Fang Jiayin. They were going in the same direction since Xuxu’s room was just a few doors from Fang Jiayin’s.

When Fang Jiayin arrived in front of Room 204, she swiped the card to open the door. She walked in and then closed the door after her.

Yan Rusheng heard the door closing and stopped in his steps. He knitted his eyebrows and looked towards the direction of the door.

After that, he raised his feet and continued walking forward.

“Ah Sheng.”

All of a sudden, Fang Jiayin called out to him from behind.

He stopped in his tracks, turned around to look at her. Bewildered, he asked, “What’s the matter?”

“There’s a box of chocolates in your room. Can I eat them?” Fang Jiayin raised the pink heart-shaped box in her hand and asked Yan Rusheng with a smile.

Chocolates? Yan Rusheng glanced at the box and without thinking further, he nonchalantly answered, “It must be from the hotel. You can have them if you like.”

“Ok.” Fang Jiayin was delighted. “Thank you.”

After that, she closed the door.

“Third Yan, I heard that Fang Jiayin is here too?”

Yan Rusheng was about to continue walking ahead when he ran into Lu Yinan.

The moment he saw him, Lu Yinan immediately asked about Fang Jiayin. Yan Rusheng pointed to the room behind him and said, “She’s in Room 204.”

“She came just in time. We’re short with one player.” Lu Yinan walked up to Yan Rusheng and whispered, “Why did you invite her here?”

Weren’t there enough scandals about the two of them recently?

Yan Rusheng coldly glanced at him. “Do you think I’m an idiot?”

“I also thought it was impossible.” Lu Yinan tapped Yan Rusheng lightly on his shoulder and nodded his head. “Ok, got it. As your brother, I’ll help you out of your misery.”

Yan Rusheng threw him a cold look and then ignored him. He continued walking and turned towards Room 208.

“Ok, I got it. Rest assured that I’ll bring him home for dinner tomorrow. Please remember to get Qi Lei to buy more food.”

“Okay, okay, okay. Then just feed him salted vegetables.”

“That’ll be all. Let’s end the call.”