Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 475

Chapter 475 He's Never Seen Xuxu Behaving In This Manner

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After more than 10 minutes of coaxing, Xuxu finally managed to persuade her grandfather and made him happy.

She was standing along the staircase and felt herself shivering after she hung up the call. She swiftly turned around, opened the door of the staircase, and walked into the corridor.

The corridor was warmer than the staircase. But she hesitated when she heard laughter coming from the hall.

After that, she looked down and proceeded to unzip her bag to put away her phone. After that, she searched her bag for the room card. She took a quick glance at the room number before heading to the respective room.

Suddenly, her phone rang from inside her bag. She took it out and saw that the caller was Yan Rusheng.

Her eyes revealed an innocent smile. She answered the call. “What do you want?”

“Where are you? It’s starting soon.”

Yan Rusheng sounded furious over the phone that it made Xuxu move her phone slightly away from her ears. She knitted her eyebrows in bewilderment and asked, “What is starting?”

She walked as she talked.

“Oh, Young Master Lu. I really don’t know how to play mahjong. Please count me out.”

Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded from where she was. Xuxu raised her head, looked over, and her expression froze.

Even though Yan Rusheng’s voice was exploding with fury over the phone, she didn’t really pay attention to the rest of the conversation.

She was dumbstruck for a moment and her face turned sullen. After that, she hung up without a word.

She raised her feet and stomped furiously towards a pair of people engaged in a tussle outside Room 204.

“I’m not going. Have some chocolates,” spoke Fang Jiayin as she unwrapped the pink heart-shaped box in her hands.

Suddenly, someone’s hand reached out and snatched the box over from her.

As the action was too violent, the hard corner of the box scratched her face.

“Ah!” Fang Jiayin let out a yell. She pressed her hand lightly on the scratch.

“Xuxu.” Lu Yinan turned around and looked at the woman in question. He was apparently shocked.

Xuxu looked gloomy and terrifying.

He’d never seen Xuxu behaving in this manner.

“Xuxu. I” Fang Jiayin looked at Xuxu as she continued to press her hand on the wound. There was an inexplicable grievance on her face.

Without giving her a chance to explain, Xuxu snorted coldly, “Get lost!”

Her voice trembled uncontrollably as she said that.

After that, she turned and walked away. She walked past a trash can and threw the heart-shaped box into it.

“Xuxu.” Lu Yinan was baffled by her reaction but gave chase because he knew that she was fuming.

Lu Yishan happened to walk out of the card room and saw him. She called out to him from afar. “Brother, what took you so long?”

Jiang Zhuoheng and Ming Ansheng also followed suit and came out of the card room.

Everyone was astonished when they saw Fang Jiayin holding on to her face with reddened eyes.

Ming Ansheng rushed forward and asked Fang Jiayin, “Miss Fang Jiayin, what happened?”

Feeling aggrieved, Fang Jiayin tried to explain, “I I”

She stammered and almost choked on her words.

Lu Yinan saw the situation and explained on her behalf, “Don’t know what came over Xuxu. Fang Jiayin was holding a box of chocolates in her hand and all of a sudden, Xuxu marched over furiously and snatched away the box of chocolates and threw it into the trash can.”

“Chocolates?” Lu Yishan heard Lu Yinan and exclaimed, “Was it the box of chocolates that third sister-in-law had specially handmade for Third Brother Yan?”

Hearing this, everyone was astonished.

Suddenly, a towering figure appeared out of nowhere.

“Yishan, what did you say?” Yan Rusheng grabbed Lu Yishan’s shoulder and stared at her with his malicious-looking eyes. He was also in a state of shock.