Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 478

Chapter 478 I Love You

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She ran after Yan Rusheng.

Without turning his head, Yan Rusheng pointed at the silly love-struck woman behind him and yelled at her to get lost.

His loftiness took aback the woman, so she stopped in her tracks as if a sudden paralysis struck her.

After that, Yan Rusheng stretched out his hands to open the balcony window. A gust of cold, piercing wind rushed in.

He held on to the window frame and leaped forward with a huge step.

The woman witnessed this, and it scared her out of her wits. She rushed forward and looked out of the window and saw that Yan Rusheng had already climbed onto the air-conditioner rack. She shouted, “Handsome man, what are you trying to do? It’s dangerous.”

They were on the eighth floor of the building.

“If you don’t get lost, I’ll throw you down,” half yelled Yan Rusheng at the woman.

He took quick steps and continued to feel his way around the air-conditioner rack next door.

His perseverance finally paid off. Yan Rusheng climbed into Xuxu’s house like how he’d planned it.

He was lucky that Xuxu didn’t lock her window from the inside.

Her room was pitch-black. He pulled out his cell-phone from his pocket and switched on the flashlight.

He shone the light at her bed and saw it was neatly arranged. There was no one in sight.

Perhaps she really didn’t come at all?

Yan Rusheng was feeling a little despondent as he walked out of her bedroom. He switched on the light first before heading out.

He was about to walk towards the room opposite to Xuxu’s bedroom when he accidentally glanced at the living room sofa. He stopped in his steps, and his heart skipped a beat.

“Xuxu,” he called out. His heart ached as he took a few, huge steps towards the person curled like a ball on the sofa.

He knelt down beside her.

Xuxu was motionless. Yan Rusheng was reaching out his hands to caress her face when his phone fell out from his hand. It landed on the floor with a loud ‘thud.’

“Xuxu.” He threw himself over her and embraced her tightly.



Yan Rusheng whispered her name to her ears without ceasing.

“I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.” He held on to her tightly. Her petite body was shivering in cold.

He said, “You can scold me, just like how you used to. You can call me a scoundrel or scold me in any way you want.”

But just don’t ignore him and remain silent or turn her back coldly against him.

Xuxu heard the man chiding himself and she could no longer hold back her emotions. Tears gushed out from her eyes.

She shouldn’t be reacting this way. Wasn’t she already used to his hurting behavior?

Yan Rusheng’s heart ached for her, and he reached out to wipe away her tears. “Don’t cry anymore.”

He had never imagined that he would feel so heartbroken when he saw Xuxu in tears.

They were always at loggerheads, showing each other their coldest and cruelest side, and hiding their weaknesses from each other. They constantly wanted to prove themselves to be stronger than the other person.

This had already become a habit.

As a result, he had overlooked his innermost feelings.

Xuxu remained silent while Yan Rusheng attempted to clarify himself. “I didn’t enter the room at all. I didn’t know that the chocolates were from you.”

“Yan Rusheng, do you still love Fang Jiayin?” Suddenly, Xuxu turned her head and looked at Yan Rusheng, with tears streaming down her face.

Without hesitation, Yan Rusheng shook his head and said, “I don’t love her.”

After that, he leaned forward and whispered into Xuxu’s ears, “I only love you!”

With all his affection, he confessed his deep love to the woman he had grown up with.