Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 479

Chapter 479 You Have Two Choices

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I love you!

In between sobs, Xuxu smiled and said, “Me too.”

Without waiting for a response from Yan Rusheng, and though she was choking on her emotions, Xuxu added, “I was the one who called you ‘Ah Sheng’ first.”

Each time she heard Fang Jiayin addressed him as ‘Ah Sheng’, she felt a sharp knife twisting into her heart.

She used to have a humble thought that even if he didn’t love her in this lifetime, even if he didn’t belong to hershe will remain contented with the rights that belonged to her alone.

She thought she had all the rights to the nickname ‘Ah Sheng’.

But one unfortunate day, after being in a relationship with him for a few years, Fang Jiayin suddenly took over her one and only right.

Since then, it has become a sole right under Fang Jiayin.

‘Even if you addressed me as President Yan or Yan Rusheng, I wouldn’t mind.’

After Yan Rusheng heard Xuxu’s words, he suddenly recalled that time when they were on the island. He remembered the words he had told to her.

He embraced her even more tightly. “Besides you, I will allow no one else to address me this way in the future.”

Xuxu remained hushed and her tears cascaded down her cheeks once more. Her warm tears depicted the joys and sorrows she had tasted all these years of being by his side.

Large pieces of snowflakes fell quietly from the sky and the snowfall grew heavier. It covered up the entire city beneath a deep coat of snow.

Xuxu clung on tightly to her lifelong dream and looked at the falling snowflakes. Perhaps the hard times were over, and good times were just beginning, and she felt that this winter was no longer as cold as before.

They both embraced each other tightly, nestled on the small sofa.

“When did you start falling for me?”

After a stretch of silence, it was Yan Rusheng who suddenly opened his mouth.

Without waiting for Xuxu to answer, he sought to make a guess. “You had given up your studies for Jiang Zhuoheng, so it shouldn’t be around that time. You must have fallen for me gradually after he left.”

Every word of Young Master Yan revealed his narcissistic self.

After saying that, he drew Xuxu even closer to him. “Jiang Zhuoheng, that rascal. If I were him, guilt and self-blame would ultimately consume me that I would jump out of the building,” he said with traces of envy and hatred coating his voice.

Xuxu smiled, remained silent, and changed the topic. “Then when did you fall for me?”

What happened in the past, let it stay in the past. Let the past only remain as her secret and fond memories.

There’s no longer a need to bring it up again and caused him more distressed.

“Let me guess.” Xuxu also followed suit and fought to answer before he could. “It must be after Fang Jiayin left that you started falling for me.”

Yan Rusheng knitted his eyebrows. “Don’t be a copycat.”

All of a sudden, he shifted over and pressed his body on to Xuxu and planted a peck on her tender lips.

He sensed that the conditions were right tonight.

To his surprise, the moment he pressed his lips onto hers, Xuxu shoved him away with all her might. “Yan Rusheng, don’t assume that I’ll not pursue the chocolate issue.”

Yan Rusheng rolled down the sofa and sat on the soft mat below the coffee table. He looked at Xuxu and fawned over her. “But you have already thrown away the chocolates into the trash can. It’s all my fault, and I’ll try my best to make it up to you later, ok?”

Xuxu face turned red in embarrassment. ‘This hooligan!’

She added, “You have two choices. Either you retrieve the box of chocolates from the trash can, or”

She paused and couldn’t find the words to continue. Yan Rusheng laughed. “Or what?”