Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 480

Chapter 480 Dont Force Me

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“Kneel on the remote control.” Xuxu mumbled, “Turn on the TV with the remote control facing it. Kneel on it and make sure that the screen remains the same and you don’t change the channels.”

Young Master Yan twitched his mouth and his face immediately darkened.

How dare she force him kneel! Did he hear wrongly?

“If you don’t kneel or if you couldn’t do it, then you can get lost.” Xuxu stood up and pointed at the door. She then lowered her head to look at him.

Having said that, she got up on her feet and headed to the bathroom. She was determined.

Yan Rusheng reached out to touch his knees and felt annoyed. This dumb woman, how dare she makes the President of Flourish & Prosper, the Third Young Master of the Yan family go down on his knees. She’s getting overboard.

He needed to get tough with her; it seemed.

As he mulled over this, he stood up and walked to the bathroom. He couldn’t open the door as she had locked from the inside, so he pounded at it vehemently.

“Yan Rusheng, if you don’t kneel, you can get lost.”

Wen Xuxu shouted impatiently from the bathroom.

Yan Rusheng gritted his teeth and threatened through his teeth. “Wen Xuxu, don’t force me.”

After that, he clenched his fist into a ball and prepared himself to continue knocking.

Suddenly, the door opened. Wen Xuxu stood before him. She leaned against the door frame and coldly looked at him.

“I made the chocolate personally and the box too.”

Her calm tone was a blend of emotions and feeling aggrieved. Yan Rusheng’s heart skipped a bit.

She had handmade everything. Every step and procedure was a demonstration of her love and feelings for him. If he didn’t retrieve it, he wouldn’t deserve her forgiveness.

Furthermore, they had finally reconciled and were basking in love. Given her obstinate personality, if he came down hard at her without appeasing her anger, she would definitely pull a long face again over the next few days.

After some deliberation, Young Master Yan dismissed the thought of forcing himself at her.

He took a deep breath and lightly replied, “I’ll look for the chocolates.”

He spun around and walked towards the main door.

He consoled himself as he walked. Once he finds the box of chocolates, they could spend an unforgettable Christmas together.

He was about to open the door when suddenly someone knocked.

No, not knocked but profusely pounded on it. The loud thumping sound was deafening to the ears.

“What happened?” Xuxu rushed out of the bathroom and looked towards the main door with fear in her eyes.

It’s already late. Who could it be? Besides grandfather, who else would go looking for her? Furthermore, the knockings were so violent.

Yan Rusheng knitted his eyes together and then unlocked the door in annoyance. He flung it wide open, and it revealed a man wearing only a pair of boxers. The latter had menacingly charged at him with a chopper in his hand.

When Xuxu saw this, she opened her mouth in shock.

“Rascal, are you tired of living? How dare you seduce my woman?” The man waved his chopper at Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng coldly glared at the man before he grabbed him by his wrist and gave it a hard twist.

A loud groan echoed, followed by a loud, desperate yell from the half-naked man.

Yan Rusheng then raised his feet and kicked the man hard on his leg.

‘Thump.’The man dropped to his knees.

Yan Rusheng gripped the man’s wrist tightly with no intention of letting go. It distorted his wrist, and he was in immense pain. Any slight movement by Yan Rusheng would add to his agony.