Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 481

Chapter 481 Couldn't Find The Chocolates

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“Ah my arm is broken.” The man didn’t dare to act rashly and turned to look at Yan Rusheng it frightened him. His face turned pale in pain.

The chopper fell off from his hand.

And he was no longer as fierce and imposing as when he first came. He cried and begged Yan Rusheng to let him off. “Handsome man! I beg you to release your grip. My arm is broken.”

Yan Rusheng looked down at him and gave him one more loathe-driven kick before releasing his grip, making the man drop to the floor in pain.

Before the man could turn over, he lifted a foot and stepped on his back. He stared at him with malice burning in his eyeshe looked as arrogant as ever.

“Who’s the one who’s tired of living? Huh?”

His tone was faint, and yet it brought a piercing chill. This left the man terrified to his wits. He kowtowed in response, “It’s me, it’s me.”

‘Dong, Dong,’ could be heard as the man’s forehead touched the ground.

“Get lost!” Yan Rusheng yelled with all the hate he could muster. He then lifted his feet from the man.

The man bore the pain, and he frantically scrambled off.

Yan Rusheng slammed the door shut and turned around to look at Xuxu.

Xuxu finally snapped out from her shock. Earlier on, she was dumbstruck upon witnessing how Yan Rusheng had stopped that wretched half-naked man from pounding profusely on her door.

This fellow! How could he be so heartless and overbearing yet exude a charm at the same time?

At that instance, she suspiciously looked at the man who had left her so smitten. “Yan Rusheng, he said you seduced his woman?”

Before Yan Rusheng came in, she overheard a commotion that took place outside her door.

She guessed that the ferocious man with the chopper must be the same person who hollered at him while Yan Rusheng was rapping at the door earlier.

But seducing his woman what did he mean?

Yan Rusheng frowned. “This is not important.”

Xuxu knitted her eyebrows, feeling baffled. “Then what’s important?”

There was a look of concern on Yan Rusheng’s face. “What’s important is that your place is no longer safe to live in. You better come home with me, just in case the man comes looking for you.”

He took a step forward, grabbed hold of Xuxu’s tiny wrist, and dragged her out of her apartment.

Xuxu flung his hands away. “Yan Rusheng, if you can’t find the chocolates, then I’ll remain in my apartment forever.”

After that, she immediately shoved him out of her home with all the might she could muster. She left him standing outside the door.

“Remember to lock the door and windows!” reminded Yan Rusheng with a helpless tone. He could only give out a concerned reminder from the outside.

Xuxu immediately placed her ear at the door and heard his footsteps.

She stood on her toes and peeped through the door hole. Yan Rusheng had already walked to the lift and had pressed the button.

Looking at his towering figure, she coldly snorted in her heart. But when she turned around and leaned against the door, she revealed a blissful smile on her face.

Snowflakes continued to fall from the sky and the temperature was freezing.

But, Wen Xuxu, you cannot be soft-hearted.

When Yan Rusheng stepped out of the lift, he swiftly whipped out his phone and dialed a number. As he walked, he spoke over the phone. “Quickly rummage through the trash can outside of Room 204. Look for a pink heart-shaped box of chocolates.”

The moment she stepped out of the main entrance of Xuxu’s department, a gust of piercing wind welcomed him. Immediately he turned his head and tucked, raising his shoulders. “Tsk.”

In the still of the night, with snowflakes fluttering all around, he couldn’t believe that he had to rummage through the trash can instead of enjoying the comforts of his home under the warm embrace of a beauty.

How ironic!

After spewing vulgarities, Yan Rusheng wrapped himself tightly in his suit and strode down the stairs to the car park.

Yan Rusheng rushed back to the hotel. When he came out of the lift, Qiao Jian greeted him. “President Yan, I couldn’t find the box of chocolates you’d mentioned.”