Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 482

Chapter 482 I Don't Believe That It's So Jinxed

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Yan Rusheng knitted his eyebrows skeptically, “How can it be?”

Amid their discussion, he reached the trash can sitting diagonally across Room 204.

Someone had already opened the cover of the can. He peered in and could easily see the rubbish in it. There were only some plastic bags and balls of tissue paper.

He spun around and asked Qiao Jian, “What about the rest of the trash can? Did you go through them?”

“Yes, I went through all,” he answered in fear and trepidation. “Young Master Lu also said Madam had thrown the chocolates into this trash can.”

Yan Rusheng narrowed his eyes in suspicion and pondered for a moment. “Check with the hotel if they had changed the trash bags around that time.”

“All right.” Qiao Jian nodded his head and instantly went to look for the hotel manager.

Along the way, he briefly explained the situation to the manager. When he saw Yan Rusheng, the manager greeted him politely, “President Yan, our hotel empties the trash can three times a day and the last round is at 10 p.m.”

10 p.m.? Yan Rusheng took a glance at his watch.

Oh, dear! It’s already past 10 in the evening! That would mean that after Xuxu threw the chocolates into the trash can, they changed the trash bag after!

As he mulled over it, he asked again, “Where did they put the rubbish after having been cleared off?”

The hotel manager replied, “It was just loaded onto the rubbish truck, ready to send off.”

Yan Rusheng immediately said, “Search through every bag of rubbish right now. I must retrieve the box of chocolates.”

After that, he hurriedly walked towards the staircase. The rubbish was still in the hotel premise, so that meant that there was still a chance of finding it.

The hotel manager didn’t dare to dawdle and nodded his head continuously. “Yes. Yes, I will see to it immediately.”

The hotel sent half their team of cleaners to search through every bag of rubbish carefully.

There were bags of rubbish from the guests’ rooms, corridors, kitchen, hall, toilets

It called for a tremendous effort to rummage through all the bags.

Even after the cleaners painstakingly searched through for half an hour, they still couldn’t find the box of chocolates.

Yan Rusheng stood beside the rubbish truck and looked at the mountainous pile of rubbish. After that, he withdrew his hands from his pockets and said, “I don’t believe that it’s jinxed.”

He bent over and rummaged through a trash bag. He found nothing.

He threw it away and continued looking through bags after bags.

Everyone was dumbstruck when they saw this sight.

Qiao Jian froze for a moment but quickly overcame his shock. He rushed forward to stop him. “President Yan, what are you doing? Stop rummaging them.”

The hotel manager and the various department supervisors also joined in to dissuade him.

“President Yan, I had carefully looked through every bag of rubbish.”

Because of this, Yan Rusheng felt even more bewildered. He commented in anger, “The box of chocolates couldn’t have flown out of the trash can, right?”

The hotel manager shuddered in fear. He lowered his head and didn’t dare to utter a word.

The chocolates were still nowhere! Yan Rusheng lit a cigarette in his hand and leaned on the sofa in his hotel room, puffing away.

Those young masters seated around him were more calm and unruffled. In fact, all of them appeared to be gloating over his misfortune.

Yan Rusheng stubbed out the cigarette halfway and took out a new one, preparing to light it.

Lu Yinan reached out and grabbed his wrist to stop him. And out of concern, he spoke, “Third Yan, don’t smoke too much. It’s bad for your health. So be it if we lose the chocolates. It’s also useless for you to be puffing away.”