Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 483

Chapter 483 Isnt There Another Option?

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Ming Ansheng continued, “Xuxu said you had to use all means to find the chocolate?”

Yan Rusheng coldly glanced askew at him, and his expression seemed to imply‘why did you ask if you’ve already guessed it?’

He remained silent as if he admitted it.

Everyone lowered their heads to stifle their laughter.

Ming Ansheng, who was best at controlling his emotions among them, suppressed his laughter. With an indifferent expression, he spoke, “But since we can’t find it, why don’t you properly apologize to Xuxu and coax her with some sweet words?”

He had barely finished his sentence when someone else chimed in, “Yes, I agree. Women all cave in when a man coaxes them.”

Yan Rusheng surveyed them in slight contempt and raised his eyebrows. “Do you reckon Wen Xuxu is a common and foolish woman?”

He had indirectly implied that their women were all dumb and are easy to dupe and coaxed by them.

All of them were speechless.

He was obstinate and refused to admit that he was in the wrong.

“Since it’s lost somewhere, what should we do?” Ming Ansheng looked at Yan Rusheng with a worried expression.

Lu Yinan couldn’t help but criticize Xuxu. “This Wen Xuxu is really too stubborn and unreasonable at times. This woman isn’t someone easily controlled or subdued.”

Yan Rusheng heard his criticisms, and he gave him a long and cold look. “You also grew up with her, why didn’t she fall for you?”

He had killed two birds with one stone; protecting his loved one and proclaiming that he wasn’t someone ordinary as well.

Lu Yinan was dumbfounded!

“Third Yan, we support you doting on your wife. But you need to exercise control. How can you defend her so blatantly with no reason at all?”

Since they were childhood friends, Lu Yinan didn’t want to mention the past and expose him.

Who was the one who would always frown and display an expression of loathing at the mention of Wen Xuxu?

Who had claimed that Wen Xuxu wasn’t a woman and said she didn’t behave like one at all? And who said that the one who marries her eventually would be jinxed for a lifetime?

Yan Rusheng ignored Lu Yinan and stood up. “I’m leaving.”

Ming Ansheng rose as well and followed him. “Third Yan, are you sure you’re able to go back without the chocolate?”

He continued without waiting for him to respond. “Isn’t there another option?”

Another option? Yan Rusheng suddenly halted his footsteps and became more annoyed. “No!”

He rebutted Ming Ansheng and left without looking back.

He would rather die than let them know that Xuxu wanted him to kneel as punishment. And this punishment was way too perverted.

He had no clue how she thought of such a way to torment and torture him.

There was a quiet alley behind the hotel, and the snow fell silently. Someone parked a black car at the end of the alley.

There was a woman sitting inside wearing a coat with a cap on her head. She lowered her head.

Suddenly, someone opened the front passenger seat door and a middle-aged lady entered. Snow covered her body, and her hands were holding a black plastic bag.

She retrieved a heart-shaped box from inside the bag and passed it to the woman. “This is what you asked me to find,” she spoke with due respect coating her words.

The woman sitting in the driver’s seat received the box after staring at it for some time.

Her fair and soft hands held the box as she sized it up. She coldly sneered and said, “Handmade chocolate?”

Her pleasant voice contrasted with her cold and callous tone.

She ripped the box apart and after opening the window; she dumped it outside.