Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 484

Chapter 484 This Snow Is A Good Omen

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She started the engine and the wheels of her car crushed the heart-shaped box as she drove off. Instantly, the box was flattened and squashed together with the snow.

The snow fell for several hours and the ground glistened as a result.

Snowplows cleared the snow constantly but the roads were still congested. By the time Yan Rusheng reached Xuxu’s apartment, the sky was beginning to turn bright.

The night he had dreamt and fantasized about had vanished. He stopped his car but left the engine and heater running. He adjusted his seat and laid down on it as he propped his hands behind his head. He gazed absent-mindedly at one of the windows in the building.

He knew that she wouldn’t let him off the hook easily since he didn’t manage to find the chocolate. She must be exhausted after such a long night and he reckoned that she should be fast asleep. He might disturb her sleep if he went up.

Would he be forced to kneel?

As he mulled over the possibility, one of his hands touched his knee subconsciously. From the time he was born till now, he had never knelt before except at Grandmother and Grandfather’s funerals.

Of course, excluding the time he had fallen when he was still a boy.

Young Master Yan’s eyebrows were knitted closely together. He was debating silently between appeasing his wife’s anger or to uphold his young master’s reputation and pride.

“I made the chocolate personally and the box too.”

He recalled how Xuxu had gazed at him earlier on.

She must have struggled to muster her courage and determination when she decided to profess her love for him. Since she was a person who was usually so prideful and doesn’t take the initiative.

So if he really knelt on the remote control, it shouldn’t be too embarrassing if this matter was kept a secret between the two of them?

He recalled about the past; it seemed that he had never yielded to her ever since they were children.

And furthermore, in the past year, he had been using all sorts of methods to torment her.


Yan Rusheng gritted his teeth with determination. “I shall kneel!”

After making up his mind, he sat up abruptly and grabbed his phone to dial a Country Y’s number.

A middle-aged woman answered from the other line, sounding anxious. “Wretched boy, why did you call me so early in the morning? Did something happen?”

It was normal that she was worried. It was barely dawn in the capital city and the smart Madam Mu Li would naturally assume something bad had happened.

The corners of Yan Rusheng’s mouth twitched. He hesitated before speaking. “ Professor Mu, when the TV is switched on with the remote control facing it, how do I ensure that it wouldn’t change channels or that the screen remained the same if a person stepped on the remote control?”

Madam Mu Li shot back, feeling annoyed. “Are you out of your mind? Why do you want to step on the remote control?”

Yan Rusheng was frustrated and momentarily lost for words. He remained patient and said, “I’m saying if.”

Mu Li replied, “Unless the remote control isn’t working or the batteries are dead. This is the only way.”

Yan Rusheng’s eyes lit up with an ecstatic expression. “You are truly a professor, Madam Mu Li.”

He hung up immediately without waiting for Madam Mu Li to answer.

‘The remote control isn’t working or the batteries are dead’ why didn’t he think of this?

He laid back down and closed in eyes in contentment.

After taking a catnap, Yan Rusheng opened his eyes. The snow had stopped falling and everywhere was glistening.

He was in a really good mood. Yesterday they had begun with a heavy snowstorm, so the snow is a good omen.

He opened the car door and straightened his back when he got out. Although he didn’t sleep the entire night, his gorgeous face still glowed with vigor and elation. He adjusted his suit slowly.

He raised his head towards the same window and a devious and sly smile flitted across his face.

Wen Xuxu, I will use my body to let you know of the consequences of being so proud of me.

Knock knock knock.