Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 485

Chapter 485 She Was So Unique And Special

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Xuxu couldn’t fall asleep earlier on, and when she finally slowly dozed off, someone had the audacity to knock on her door. It had her extremely frustrated.

She flipped over and covered herself with a blanket. She planned to ignore the fellow who had disturbed her sleep so early in the morning.

Knock knock knock.

The person continued to pound on her door, and she couldn’t ignore it any longer.

She sat up, exasperated and annoyed. She flung her blanket away and jumped off the bed. She dragged herself across her bedroom.

She stretched her hand to open the door and peered at the man standing outside. She lazily leaned against the door frame as she gazed at him with lack of sleep imbued in her orbs. She pouted in protest. “Yan Rusheng, what are you trying to do?!”

She messed up her hair out of sheer frustration.

She was wearing loose-fitting pajamas which ended at her knees, revealing a pair of fair legs.

Yan Rusheng sized her up from head to toe, and it had challenged his self-control. He raised an eyebrow. “You’re so shameless. Trying to seduce me first thing in the morning.”

His words jolted Wen Xuxu awake. She shrieked, “Scum!”

Her face fell after berating the man. She suddenly stretched her hands and pushed him backward.

Then she hastily shut the door.

He had pounded on the door for a good amount of time, and he had barely set foot inside her house when she slammed the door right on his face. It seemed like everything was a dream for Young Master Yan.

How dare this dumb woman reject and refuse him?

After snapping out of his trance, he stretched his hand to pound on her door once more. But no matter how he pounded, Xuxu simply refused to open the door.

Xuxu rested against the door with her arms crossed across her chest. She listened to the vicious pounding sounds and lectured him fiercely, “Yan Rusheng, did you find the chocolate?!”

“I didn’t find it, but didn’t you give me a different option?” Yan Rusheng muttered in a low voice.

He had barely finished when the door wrenched open. The woman doubtfully eyed him. “Kneeling on the remote control?”

Young Master Yan turned red and furtively glanced around. He glared at Wen Xuxu as he gnashed his teeth. “Stupid woman, lower your volume.”

He was about to step foot into the house when Xuxu blocked his path. She wore a nonchalant expression and reminded him coldly, “You have to kneel for an hour and the screen must remain unchanged. You can’t remove the batteries or do anything to the remote control.”

Yan Rusheng was speechless

He had indeed underestimated this woman’s intelligence.

His attempts were futile!

He furrowed his eyebrows, apparently frustrated. “Do you believe that in the slightest that I would use force against you right away?”

When she had opened the door earlier on, this thought automatically seized him.

Xuxu’s face fell. “Yan Rusheng, the moment you succeed, I will return home immediately.”

She shoved him back once more and closed the door.

Yan Rusheng heard the door slamming, and he was livid. But what else could he do?

Just like what Lu Yinan had said, Wen Xuxu isn’t a woman he could subdue or control so easily. Hence why she was so unique and special.

He stared at the closed door and sighed heavily. He turned around and walked to the elevator.

It was already Christmas and colleagues had prepared presents for each other.

Xuxu arrived a little late and saw a few boxes on her desks. She knew that they must be from her colleagues.

“Thank you.” She scooped everything up and smiled brightly at them.

She pulled her chair and sat down.

“Is Miss Wen Xuxu around?”

Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice sounded from outside. Xuxu raised her head, looking slightly puzzled.

A scrawny-looking man was holding a bouquet of red roses. He surveyed the entire office.