Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 488

Chapter 488 Xuxu Forbade Me From Bringing

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The car pulled to a stop on the road opposite the clinic. Yan Rusheng gave Xuxu a nudge. “Xuxu, we’re here.”

Xuxu slowly opened her eyes when she heard Yan Rusheng’s voice.

Upon realizing that they came to a total stop, she had completely woken up. She immediately straightened her back and looked outside the car window. When she saw her grandfather’s clinic, she eagerly removed her seatbelt and pushed open the car door. “I’m hungry.”

Xuxu alighted from the car and closed the door behind her.

Once she got out of the car, her body uncontrollably shivered since the temperature outside had dropped lower. She couldn’t wait to go into the house.

Looking at her petite frame, Yan Rusheng almost wanted to call out to her. But in the end, he just helplessly shook his head and alighted from the car. He opened the back passenger door and bent over to retrieve the bouquet of roses.

Since he had brought the bouquet along, might as well make use of the opportunity to show off in front of the Old Master.

He held the roses in his hand and followed behind Xuxu with unhurried steps.

Yet he reached the shop almost at the same time as her.

“Grandfather,” Xuxu called out to her grandfather as she pushed aside the PVC strip curtain when she stepped in.

Yan Rusheng also followed suit when he went in. “Grandfather.”

He spoke as he walked over to Xuxu.

“Mm.” Old Master Wen glanced askew at Yan Rusheng while having a straight face. He then dropped his gaze to the bouquet of roses in his hands. He knitted his eyebrows before he coldly spoke, “I’ve never seen anyone giving flowers to an elderly. If you’ve bought two bottles of wine instead, I’d believe that you were sincere.”

Wen Xuxu was speechless

Yan Rusheng was speechless

Both of them had the same expression on their faces upon hearing her grandfather’s comments. The elderly was already advanced in age and yet still so humorous.

“Grandfather, the flowers are for Xuxu.” Yan Rusheng walked over to Xuxu and handed the flowers to her. He then turned to smile at the Old Master. “I wanted to bring along some wine I recently brought, but Xuxu forbade me as she mentioned that you were not supposed to drink at the moment.”

Xuxu lifted her head and shot the charming man a confused look.

Since when did he buy the wine? And when did she ever stop him?

This insincere fellow! How could he use her as an excuse to cause animosity between her and her grandfather? Well done!

Yan Rusheng shot her an innocent look as if telling her that she truly was the one who stopped him from bringing the wine.

“This stupid lass has made a mountain out of a molehill. My health couldn’t be any better.” Old Master Wen stared at Xuxu. “One fine day, you’ll drive me to my grave.”

Xuxu retorted, “Grandfather, your words are too serious. I wanted you to quit drinking because I’m concerned about your health.”

Having said that, she discreetly stretched her hands to the back and viciously pinched Yan Rusheng on the thigh.

“How dare you set me up!”

She didn’t show him any mercy, but Yan Rusheng remained nonchalant and looked at Old Master Wen with a modest smile.

“Also, since grandfather enjoys playing chess and researching on Chinese medicine, I sought a friend’s help to get you a chess set and two entry tickets to the Capital City’s Chinese Medicine Ancient Books Exhibition organized the Chinese hospital in January. You can bring Qi Lei along to the exhibition.”

As he spoke, Yan Rusheng took out two tickets and an exquisite-looking box from the pockets of his black coat. He politely handed them to Old Master Wen.

It astonished Xuxu when she saw him took out the two items out of nowhereit was as if he was a magician performing some magic tricks!

When did this fellow prepare all these? Why was she unaware?