Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 490

Chapter 490 Not Allowed To Drink

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After waging a cold war for so many dayseven though they still lived under the same roofhe could only fantasize aboutitinstead of carrying out the actual ‘combat experience’. It really wasn’t easy for a normal man to handle.

There were many occasions where he just wanted to forsake his pride and break down her door just to have her.

But as usual, he halted his footsteps as he struggled with the thought.

Now that they just had a heart-to-heart talk and professed their love for each other, he could finally love her openly. But she had the cheek to tell him they could only go as far as holding hands.

At that moment, he couldn’t help but hurl profanities in his heart.

“This hooligan!”And hooligans rarely paid attention to situations.

Xuxu’s face instantly turned crimson. She turned and looked towards her grandfather and Qi Lei. She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that they were still in the kitchen.

Luckily, they didn’t hear it. Otherwise, it would have been extremely embarrassing.

She hurried down the stairs and walked towards Yan Rusheng. She pinched him hard on his arm and gritted her teeth. She threatened him, “If you dare to spout nonsense in my grandfather’s home, you won’t even get a chance to kneel on the remote control.”

After that, she turned around and walked off in a huff.

Yan Rusheng gave chase and grabbed hold of her wrist. “If I behave myself, does it mean that I don’t have to kneel on the remote control?”

Or perhaps, change a new way and kneel on the washboard instead?

“Sure thing.” Xuxu nodded and agreed without hesitation.

However, Young Master Yan didn’t go wild with joy because he understood Xuxu too well. She wasn’t one who would compromise so easily.

He pressed his lips together and waited for Xuxu to continue with her sentence.

As expected, Xuxu’s voice sounded in his ears again. “Kneel on instant noodles and make sure they don’t break into pieces.”

Yan Rusheng’s mouth twitched uncontrollably.

Not only has the Internet caused so much trouble to people nowadays, but it has also brought him tremendous suffering.

What washboard or motherboard all these suggestions suck! When a woman is bent on giving her man a hard time, each method would even be more tormenting than the previous.

That’s why Confucius once said that “Only women and villains are difficult to raise.”

Yan Rusheng knitted his eyebrows and said, “Let me try kneeling on the remote control tonight then.”

Given his weight, he would surely crush the instant noodles in split seconds.

Amid their conversation, they reached the second floor. There was an impressive spread of dishes on the table. Xuxu flung off Yan Rusheng’s hand and eagerly walked over to the table. She picked a piece of prawn with her fingers and shoved it into her mouth.

The sauce leaked from her mouth and as she chewed on it; she used her thumb to wipe off the sauce from the corner of her lips.

Seeing this sight, it took Yan Rusheng aback.

He knew at times that she wasn’t ladylike when it comes to eating. But it was the first time he saw her behaving so crudely at the meal table.

Xuxu was about to pick at another dish with her bare hands when Old Master Wen shot her an angry stare. “Where are your manners? Don’t you have food to eat at home? You behave as if you’ve not eaten for many days.”

There was a long pause

Young Master Yan gnashed his teeth and glared at the woman who couldn’t stop licking her thumb despite being chided by grandfather. It was as if she was being ill-treated by his family.

Didn’t she have all that she wanted to eat at home?

Just look at her. She was a far cry from her usual cool and aloof self.

Stupid woman. She was slowly revealing her true colors to him.

“Ah Heng can hold his liquor well.” Old Master Wen bent over and took out a bottle of wine from a small cabinet below the dining table. He then said to Yan Rusheng, “Third Yan, let me also test your tolerance for alcohol today.”

Xuxu glanced askew at the elderly man beside her and warned sternly, “Grandfather, don’t even think of finding excuses to drink. He has to drive later and can’t drink any alcohol.”

After saying that, she snatched the bottle of wine from the Old Master’s hand.