Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 491

Chapter 491 Youngsters Need To Wake Up Early

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“Alright.” Yan Rusheng’s eyes gleamed with a sly expression as he looked at the grandfather and granddaughter combo bantering with each other. He strode towards the Old Master and pulled a chair for him. “My tolerance for alcohol is much better than Jiang Zhuoheng.”

After that, he looked at Xuxu and said, “Since it is Christmas, let me have just a glass with grandfather.”

Xuxu was firm. “No way. Not even a glass.”

After having said that, she gave Yan Rusheng a stern look of warning.

He hasn’t even served his punishment by kneeling, and he still dared to disobey a second time.

The look in her eyes seemed to tell Yan Rusheng,“Don’t you want to savor me?”

However, Yan Rusheng felt that his concern would please Grandfather first. He deliberated for a moment before smiling and said, “If I have a drink too much, then I’ll just stay over for the night.”

Grandfather immediately nodded his head in agreement. “Precisely, both of you can return to her apartment.”

Xuxu looked at the elderly man with a look of disdain. Didn’t he disapprove of this fellow? How could he forgo his principles for alcohol?

“You can only drink a little.” Xuxu finally relented and put down the bottle of wine.

She fully knew that grandfather wasn’t an alcoholic. If he was one, he would drink daily when she’s not at his place, and Qi Lei wouldn’t be able to stop him.

He was just overjoyed to see her.

Yan Rusheng twisted open the wine cap and poured a glass for his grandfather. Xuxu, on the other hand, stood looking at them from the side. They drank glass after glass, and when the wine bottle was already half empty, Xuxu shouted for them to stop.

But with drinking, it’s difficult to stop once it’s started.

It’s inevitable that he would drink excessively, especially when he wanted to prove to the Old Master that he could hold his liquor better than Jiang Zhuoheng.

At the end of the dinner, the Old Master’s wine cabinet was empty, and Young Master Yan collapsed.

Yan Rusheng didn’t know how long he had slept. When he slowly opened his eyes, it was pitch-dark.

His head was throbbing!

He knocked his forehead lightly with his hand and massaged his temples.

“What’s that smell?” Yan Rusheng took a sniff and detected a strong herbal smell looming in the air. Where was he?

He regained his senses and suddenly sat up. His peach blossom-shaped eyes surveyed the unfamiliar room.

Through the gaps between the curtains, he noticed that the sky outside was still slightly dark.

Yan Rusheng was trying to recall what had happened last night when an old man’s voice sounded in his ears. “Third Yan, I didn’t expect a young chap like you to wake up before me.”

Following that, a figure rose beside him. “Youngsters must wake up early and should not be lazy.”

Young Master Yan froze in shock!

Was he still in his grandfather’s clinic? And did he share a bed with this old fellow the entire night?

No wonder there was a stench of Chinese herbs.

“Third Yan, get up quickly and come with me for exercise downstairs.”

While Yan Rusheng couldn’t accept that he had shared the same bed with the Old Master, he had already changed into his exercise clothing and got off the bed.

A brief period had passed before Yan Rusheng spoke. “Ok, got it.”

He slowly got off the bed and wore the clothes he had on the day before. Although it wasn’t soiled in any way, he considered it a dirty piece of clothing if it was worn and not cleaned.

He scanned through the bed he had slept on. A dark gray bed sheet and quilt covered it. The position that he had slept was awkward.

After that, he surveyed that entire roomit wasn’t considered big. Even though the furniture in the room had an antique vibe to it, they were neatly arranged. The room was also spick and span.