Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 497

Chapter 497 Torturing An Unattached Person Like Me?

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Xuxu couldn’t take Young Master Yan’s relentless teasing any longer. So she grabbed the container and poured the porridge directly right into her mouth.

Yan Rusheng stared at her moving throat as she gulped down the porridge. It flabbergasted him!

Was this really the aloof woman who had treated everything with nonchalance and indifference?

“I’ve finished my breakfast; I’ll get back to work.” She placed the container down on the coffee table and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She abruptly stood up to leave.

Yan Rusheng was left alone, feeling rather stunned.

“May I know if Wen Xuxu is around?”

Xuxu stepped out of Yan Rusheng’s office and heard someone asking for her. She was full of doubts as she peered towards the source of the voice. Her face fell.

A scrawny guy was holding a huge bouquet of roses at the door.

She stole a swift glance at Yan Rusheng’s office before turning back to face him. She replied, “I am.”

It was the deliveryman from yesterday.

“Your roses.” He passed the bouquet to her along with the invoice for her to sign on.

After Xuxu had signed it, he took it back and left.

“Stupid woman, I’m letting you enjoy the feeling of being courted by someone”

Xuxu stared at the roses as she recalled what Yan Rusheng said yesterday morning. She could only helplessly sigh. This guy had bipolar personalities: he could either be as cold as ice or as warm as sunshine.

If this carried on, she will go crazy.

“Sister Xuxu, is it really a good idea for you and the President to flaunt your love around? You’re tormenting all single people, like us!”

Her colleague gazed at her with an envious look.

Xuxu promptly replied, “Serves you right for not getting married when you’re already 28 years old.”

She held the bouquet in her hands and walked back to her desk. She placed the bouquet on the floor.

She bowed her head and stole a swift glance at the roses. Actually being courted by someone she loved was indeed a wonderful feeling.

After work in the evening, Xuxu secretly left the office without Yan Rusheng knowing.

She had promised to meet Zhou Shuang. But if Yan Rusheng knew, he wouldn’t have allowed her to go.

It was the peak hour and roads everywhere were crazily congested with traffic. After nearly an hour, Xuxu finally managed to exit the main road.

The sky was getting dark by the time she met Zhou Shuang. Bright lights illuminated the street, and she caught sight of a pretty girl with a short bob, waving at her from a distance away.

It was quite chilly that night. Xuxu shivered as she wrapped her coat tightly around her. She strode towards Zhou Shuang.

Zhou Shuang beamed at her and put a hand around her neck. She narrowed her eyes in suspicion as she sized Xuxu up. “Why did you take the initiative to go on a date with me today? Do you have an ulterior motive?”

Xuxu frowned. “It’s because I’ve neglected my beloved concubine. I was afraid that you might do something silly.”

As she said that, she pulled her arm away from her neck.

She had rejected Zhou Shuang way too many times, and she couldn’t believe that Xuxu would ask her out without any motive. “Oh please, I heard that you and your husband had shown too much public display of affection recently. You must be trying to show off how loving and blissful your married life is. You’re simply torturing an unattached person such as I.”

Xuxu was speechless. Did she think that she and Yan Rusheng were running a professional agency to torment people?

She looked at Zhou Shuang and curiously lifted an eyebrow. “Where did you hear that from?”

Zhou Shuang extended her hand and pinched Xuxu’s cheeks. “Look at how rosy your cheeks are! That’s the result of you being showered with love.”

“Hooligan!” Xuxu brushed her hand aside and raised her voice. “Do you still want to have dinner together? If not, then I’m heading home! It’s freezing!”