Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 499

Chapter 499 Did You Enter The Wrong Room?

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Xuxu watched them, feeling baffled. She blinked her eyes several times.

After she had finished her song, she immediately walked to Zhou Shuang. She glanced askew at the two handsome young guys sitting next to her friend.

She then inched towards Zhou Shuang’s ear. “Who are these people? Why are they sitting here?”

Zhou Shuang loudly responded, “I asked them to accompany us. It’s too boring with just the two of us.”

Xuxu’s face fell.

This woman was seeking death.

She was about to scream at her when Zhou Shuang suddenly stretched her hand, grabbed her wrist, and pulled Xuxu.

“Sit down and listen to them sing.”

Xuxu furrowed her eyebrows and sternly said, “Get them to leave quickly. If not, then I’m leaving.”

Did this woman damage her brain? She had called these guys to accompany them. If Yan Rusheng caught wind of this, he would peel her skin off.

Zhou Shuang replied, “Don’t worry. We’re only singing and not doing anything else. Do you really reckon your husband won’t be getting someone to accompany him while he drinks and sings outside?”

“Would he find someone to accompany him?” Xuxu contemplated the possibility of whether Yan Rusheng would really get a hostess to accompany him.

He was so picky, so by right, he wouldn’t touch any random woman

But she wasn’t entirely sure, because every time Yan Rusheng would go out, his gang of young masters loved to party and have fun. And a majority of those young masters were a flirt and loved to fool around.

So she couldn’t be sure if Yan Rusheng would remain unaffected by them.

And at that moment, he was with his group of friends.

The more Xuxu mulled over, the more anxious she became. She rummaged for her phone in her bag and dialed Yan Rusheng’s number.

He didn’t pick up, so she sent him a text.‘Have you finished dinner?’

After her text sent, someone handed her a can of beer. “Pretty lady, drink some.”

Xuxu spun around as she stared at the owner of the hand. Both the man andheryoung master at home had peach blossom-shaped eyes. Butheryoung master’s eyes were crystal clear and could seduce her soul within seconds.

But this pair of eyes right in front of her seemed more detestable by the minute.

She suddenly became distant. She coldly said to the man, “Take it away.”

Then she glanced at Zhou Shuang again. “If you don’t get them to leave, then I will. You can enjoy their company all by yourself.”

She grabbed her bag and was about to rise.

Zhou Shuang knew that she was being serious and had to give in. “Alright, alright. I’ll listen to you.”

She had merely called a few guys to accompany them.

Zhou Shuang was more open-minded than Xuxu and furthermore, she had studied overseas for several years. Her line of thinking was definitely different from the latter.

She held on to Xuxu as she cast a glance at the men. “Go out first. I’ll pay you for a full hour.”

They stood up and politely bowed to Xuxu and Zhou Shuang. “Ladies, please have a good time.”

Then they turned around and walked towards the door.

Suddenly, someone wrenched the door open. In fact, they had banged against the door. Three men and a woman rushed in right away.

Xuxu couldn’t catch a proper glimpse of their faces and only heard them saying, “Do not move. We’re the police!”

Each of them said the same exact words.

Police?Xuxu was stunned and she glanced at Zhou Shuang sitting beside her. Zhou Shuang shrugged and shook her head, showing that she was clueless as well.

“Mr. Police Officers, we are only singing songs. I think you’ve got the wrong room. We’re not involved in any shady or illegal dealings,” explained Zhou Shuang to the officers with a smile.

“We are from the Public Security Bureau. Someone reported that drugs and prostitution were involved in this bar.”