Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 500

Chapter 500 You Were The One Who Asked Me Out This Time

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“Wh What?!” Xuxu was stumped for words.Drugs? Illegal prostitution?

Zhou Shuang tried her best to explain to the officers, but she only used the same old few reasons.

“We are here to sing, and we are not involved in any illegal dealings. We really are not involved in any illegal dealings!”

The only thing that came to Xuxu’s mind wasthey were dead!

“Get down the car and stop dawdling.”

Xuxu and Zhou Shuang, along with several other men and women, were being hustled down the car by the police officers.

When they got to the police station, one officer pointed at an empty space and ordered them around. “Everyone, squat by the corner near the wall. Talking is not allowed.”

Xuxu and Zhou Shuang bent their heads and followed the rest to the corner.

For fear of being recognized, Xuxu kept her head bent, and her back ached as a result.

They were near the entrance, and the door was ajar. The brutal winds entered through the doors and everyone trembled badly because of the cold.

“You and you. Come over for a urine test. We also need to record your statements.”

A police officer lifted his leg and kicked the buttocks of the two women in front. One of them was wearing heels, and she fell to the ground.

The scene that they witnessed was quite violent, and Xuxu was fearful. She had always been calm and positive whenever she met in any situations. But when she entered the police station, she couldn’t even lift her head.

If someone recognized her and snapped a photo of her, someone was bound to make an issue.‘The Third Madam Yan from the Yan family apprehended by the police in a bar late at night’

This headline will definitely be explosive.

One by one, they were called up for interrogation, checking of criminal records, testing for drugs and more.

The group of suspects dwindled in size. Xuxu felt that she and Zhou Shuang would be next in line.

She stole a glance at Zhou Shuang and her mouth twitched silently when she saw her.

This fellow had incredibly been so composed, and was even drawing circles on the ground with her finger!

Xuxu seriously contemplated about aiming a kick at her. She inched nearer to her as she gritted her teeth furiously. “Why do we end up at the police station every time we meet up? Don’t contact me in the future, and I declare that our friendship is over.”

Zhou Shuang lifted her head and gave her an innocent look. “You were the one who asked me out this time.”

There was a hidden meaning:‘I haven’t blamed you and you had the cheek to start it first.’

Then she thought of something and she frowned. “I just remembered that you were the one who had asked me out previously. So I should be the one asking you in the future to prevent any similar incidents from happening again.”

Xuxu heard her conclusion and was about to explode. She almost bit her teeth off. “Alright! If we will meet next time, we can only meet at my place.”

Previously, Zhou Shuang had insisted on speeding on a congested road and she wouldn’t listen to Xuxu no matter how hard Xuxu tried. So they ended up at the police station.

Tonight, she had insisted on going to a bar after dinner, and she had to request a few guys to accompany them.

Based on these pieces of evidence, she still dared to play the blame game. Alas, she had chosen the wrong friend.

If it wasn’t because Zhou Shuang had asked guys over to their room, she would have called Yan Rusheng at the bar earlier on to seek his help.

But she didn’t dare to do so now. If he knew that they went to a bar accompanied by young men, she couldn’t bring herself to imagine how furious he would be with her. Not to mention the consequences of his wrath.

The more she thought of it, the more fearful she became.

“You and you. Come over.”

Finally, in the midst of Xuxu’s anxiety, an officer came towards them. He pointed at her and another plump man with a commanding voice.

“Why wasn’t she with Zhou Shuang?”Xuxu gloomily thought.