Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 501

Chapter 501 I Can Finally Sit On A Stool

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Xuxu was deep in her thoughts when suddenly, Zhou Shuang extended her arms and tightly held on to her. She made a pitiful expression to beg the officer. “Mr. Police, can you please not separate us?”

This plea had tugged Xuxu’s heartstrings, and she nodded fervently in unison. “Please allow us to stay together.”

But she kept her head bowed.

“Why do you have so many requests? Go to a corner!” the police officer screamed that his piercing voice almost ruined Xuxu’s eardrums. He was extremely bad tempered.

And it seemed that he was about to kick Xuxu like how he kicked the rest.

Zhou Shuang noticed him, and he withered her hand that had held on to Xuxu’s earlier. She grabbed the police officer’s raised leg instead. “Mr. Police Officer, please calm down. Rashness is a devil.”

She had heard from Lu Yinan that Yan Rusheng was recently extremely protective of Xuxu.

Deep down, fear overcame her senses when she realized that they were being brought to the police station. She wasn’t afraid of the police. Rather, she was afraid of Yan Rusheng.

If they hurt Xuxu in any way, she reckoned that it would be impossible for her to meet Xuxu in the future.

The police officer saw his leg being grabbed by Zhou Shuang, and this made him livid. He forcefully flung her hand away and shrieked. “The officers are settling this matter, how dare you be uncooperative!”

At this sentence, the police officer kicked Zhou Shuang away, and it left her sprawling on the floor instead.

It horrified Xuxu and she turned ghastly white. She was about to pull and help Zhou Shuang.

But who would have expected that she would scream? “The police officer is hitting us! Hurry up and record this! The police officers are using violence to force us to admit to our crimes!”

The corners of Xuxu’s mouth twitched, and she retracted her hand immediately.

Her screams alerted everyone in the police station and everyone spun around to look at them. And someone really whipped out his phone to record.

The rest of the police officers hastily got up to stop them. “Stop! Who dares to create trouble at the police station will be detained for 24 hours!”

Zhou Shuang screamed again, “The police officer is threatening citizens”

Xuxu covered her face, feeling ashamed that this person was her friend.

She had irritated the police officers, and they were aware of their violence towards the suspects when handling cases. So they caved in and pointed to the people next to them. “The two of you, come over now.”

When the police officer led the other two people away, Zhou Shuang scrambled to her feet and nudged Xuxu. “Hurry and call Yan Rusheng now so that he can bail us out. No one had recognized you yet, and he could hush this matter.”

“Now you’re feeling afraid?” Xuxu sternly stared at Zhou Shuang. She coldly said, “I’m not calling him. You must stay here with me for the night.”

She wanted her to remember this harsh lesson and to make sure that nothing of the like happens again.

Zhou Shuang nonchalantly shrugged and remained expressionless. “I’m fine with it since I’m not afraid of hitting the headlines. Anyway, I’ve not been on the news before so thanks to you I’ll have a taste of how it feels to be on the headlines.”

Xuxu was dumbfounded

She had underestimated how brazen and reckless this woman can be!

She sighed. Should she call Yan Rusheng for help?

Xuxu was in a dilemma as she quietly surveyed her surroundings. Aside from her and Zhou Shuang, three sexily dressed ladies were with them.

“The two of you, come over here.”

Xuxu was still deliberating when another police officer shouted at them and waved.

Zhou Shuang heard the police officer and sprang to her feet instantly. “Let’s go. I can finally sit on a stool.”

She brushed her bottom and walked with big strides towards the officer.

Xuxu stared at Zhou Shuang’s back and was visibly exasperated. This woman’s guts and nerve were extraordinary.