Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 502

Chapter 502 It's Good That We've Cleared The Air

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They sat in front of the officer, ready to get their statement recorded.

“Raise your head.”

The police officer barked a command at Xuxu as he looked at her.

Xuxu softly responded with an‘uh’and slowly lifted her head. She was nervous and her hands clenched tightly into fists on her lap.

When she revealed her face, it didn’t surprise her when the police officer looked visibly stunned and dumbfounded. “You you”

“Shhh.” Xuxu whispered, “Please lower your volume.”

“Oh okay,” he indistinctly mumbled and nodded. He was nervous and anxious as he stammered. “Youhmmm... wait here.”

His tone was completely different.

He stood up and walked to a different desk and whispered to a colleague who was recording a suspect’s statement.

She noticed that the other police officer instantly widened his eyes.

As he glanced at Xuxu, she quickly lowered her head to conceal her face.

The two officers had a hushed and quick conversation. One of them left with his phone to make a call.

After he came back, he politely said to Xuxu, “Our chief invites you to his office.”

“What’s this situation?”Xuxu was dumbstruck for a moment before nodding. “Oh Okay.”

She knew that this Chief wanted to pull some strings under the table. Even though she detested such behavior, she knew that she was innocent and her conscience was clear.

Going to the Chief’s office was much safer as the chances of being recognized were much lower than staying in the main office.

The police chief’s office was spacious, but plentiful drawers and cupboards occupied it.

The officer gestured towards a black leather couch. He politely said to Xuxu and Zhou Shuang, “Have a seat and I’ll get you a drink.”

Then he turned around.

Zhou Shuang watched as he left and sneered in disdain. “These people are so two-faced.”

Xuxu turned her head and fiercely glared at her. “Shut up.”

The door abruptly swung open. A massive and tall middle-aged man entered. He was slightly bald, and he was wearing a thick leather jacket.

They knew he was the police chief. Otherwise, who would have dared to enter the Chief’s office without knocking?

Xuxu sized him up quietly in her heart and revealed a brief smile.

The middle-aged man walked towards her and nodded. “Madam Yan.”

“Chief,” the police officer addressed the middle-aged man. He was holding two cups of water and moved towards the coffee table. He placed the cups before Xuxu and Zhou Shuang.

The chief gave him a look, and he immediately nodded and left the room.

“Chief, it’s nice to meet you.” Xuxu rose and politely nodded.

The police chief said, “Have a seat.”

Then he strode over to his desk.

Xuxu didn’t sit down but trailed after him instead. As she walked, she explained, “Mr. Chief, my friend and I were singing at the bar, and we were really clueless that there was a problem with the bar.”

“I know, and I’m aware of the situation.” The police chief nodded and settled down on his chair. He put on an apologetic expression as he faced Xuxu. “My men had apprehended you by mistake, and I’m terribly sorry for what has happened.”

It seems as though his words had instantly lifted a massive burden off of Xuxu. “It’s good that we’ve cleared the air.”

She wanted to ask if they could leave but felt that it was too direct and hasty.

She hesitated for a while and felt apologetic. She said, “Since this is a misunderstanding, I would like to trouble you to explain to the rest of the officers about this matter.”

The Chief understood her immediately and smiled. “I understand. I will make sure that this matter is kept under wraps and I’ll inform all of them.”