Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 503

Chapter 503 We've Known Each Other Since High School

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“Thank you, Mr. Police Chief.” Xuxu thanked him and asked, “Can I leave with my friend now?”

She had to get home before Yan Rusheng caught wind of this. If she was late, he would definitely be suspicious.

“Madam” The police chief was about to respond when he caught a glimpse of a man standing behind Xuxu. His smile widened. “President Yan.”

After addressing the man, he rose and immediately walked over.

“President Yan?”Xuxu went numb, and her feet rooted on to the ground

“Crap! Didn’t he promise not to make this public? Why did he ask this fellow to come?”

“Chief Wu.”

An incredibly familiar voice sounded. Xuxu’s hands clenched tightly into fists. Her palms were wet with perspiration.

“Oh no! Oh no!”

He strode over. Xuxu could feel her entire back assailed by a gust of a chilly draught.

She bent her head and gritted her teeth with a frown.

“Wen Xuxu?” His pleasant and deep voice exuded a hair-raising coldness that froze her from head to toe. He stood next to Wen Xuxu.

Xuxu shrunk her neck and nodded softly. “Mm.”

A storm was brewing. It wasn’t just her who felt it, but even police officers could tell from the aura that exuded from Yan Rusheng.

The atmosphere became tensed and strained in an instant.

Xuxu’s palm was sweating, and so she slowly loosened her fists and instead nervously gripped on her clothes. She bit her lips, waiting for Yan Rusheng to explode.

“Yan Rusheng, hurry up and fetch your wife back home. It’s time for me to head home. I’m exhausted.” Zhou Shuang abruptly rose and walked to Yan Rusheng.

She faked a yawn to match her statement.

Yan Rusheng’s face contorted with rage the second he heard Zhou Shuang’s voice. He glared fiercely at her and yelled, “Zhou Shuang!”

White-hot anger leaped inside of him as he gnashed his teeth. His malicious-looking eyes were bitter and cold.

His sudden outburst terrified Zhou Shuang, it made her tremble. She composed her face once more into a smile. “There is no need to thank me for giving you this opportunity to protect your wife. Don’t ask why but I’m a selfless and noble friend.”

She halted her footsteps when she was a few steps away from Yan Rusheng. She raised her hands and waved. “I’ll get going first. Have a good rest when you reach home. The night is still young.”

She instantly turned around, quicker than a bunny.

Zhou Shuang had just reached the door when Yan Rusheng coldly spoke, “Chief Wu, I’m bailing out my wife only. I don’t know who the other woman is.”

Chief Wu heard him and immediately yelled, “Xiao Wang, come in! Take this woman for a urine test and make sure you interrogate her properly.”

“F*ck!” Zhou Shuang couldn’t control her temper any longer and halted her footsteps. She turned around and pointed at Yan Rusheng. She raised her voice to chide him. “Yan Rusheng, you cocky and pretentious jerk! How dare you say you don’t know me? We’ve known each other since high school! There was once I almost used a broom to stick it up your buttocks! Have you forgotten?”

This woman

Xuxu bent her head to stifle her laughter. She bit her lips to try to contain it.

Was there anyone on earth that Zhou Shuang wouldn’t dare to berate or lecture?

She didn’t need to lift her head to see the expression on Yan Rusheng’s face. It would be exceedingly ugly and terrible.

The incident that Zhou Shuang had mentioned was true. She was on duty with Zhou Shuang and Yan Rusheng was waiting for her.

Zhou Shuang and Xuxu held a broom and a mop respectively, while Yan Rusheng sat comfortably on the teacher’s desk. He was peeling shells of a melon seed which he had bought specially for Xuxu. He had impatiently rushed her.

He crossed his legs like an arrogant young master.