Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 504

Chapter 504 Hilarious

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After Zhou Shuang had finished cleaning the classroom, she turned around and much to her horror, the floor was littered with melon seed shells. She wasn’t known for her patience, hence she raised the broom to hit Yan Rusheng.

Zhou Shuang couldn’t outrun Yan Rusheng, so what she did was she threw the broom and aimed it at him like a dart. Coincidentally, the tip hit Yan Rusheng’s buttocks.

Of course, she ended up in a terrible state as a result of infuriating Young Master Yan. He had pulled chunks of her hair.

There was a long pause…

Xuxu could distinctly feel that the temperature in the room had dropped a few more degrees.

After relishing in the satisfying memory, she started to feel worried about Zhou Shuang.

Can’t this fool just swallow her anger for once? She chose to offend Yan Rusheng, wasn’t her intention was to get out?


Xiao Wang came as Chief Wu had instructed.

The police chief pointed at Zhou Shuang. He then commanded, “Bring her out for an investigation.”

“Yes, right away,” the officer promptly answered and looked at Zhou Shuang. “Come with me.”

“Shuang.” Xuxu was getting anxious. She was about to hold on to Zhou Shuang, but she knew that it would be futile if Yan Rusheng didn’t render his help. She turned around to plead with Yan Rusheng. “Ah Sheng.”

She softly pleaded, biting her lips as she gazed at him.

“There’s no room for discussion.” Yan Rusheng’s face was as hard as metal, and Xuxu felt that it dashed all hopes she had.

She extended her hand and tugged gently at his sleeve. “Ah Sheng, I was the one who asked Zhou Shuang out tonight. If not, we wouldn’t have ended up here.”

Xuxu’s words didn’t move Yan Rusheng at all. Instead, it was Zhou Shuang who felt touched by her words.

“Xuxu, in this lifetime, it’s enough that I have a friend like you. It’s worth even if I die now.” It seemed that Zhou Shuang was already saying her final words with full, overwhelming emotions. “Stop pleading with him. I’ll be alright. Remember this, I can die or bleed, but I will never beg the pretentious and cocky Yan Rusheng for help.”

She turned around and said to the police officer, “Hurry up.”

Young Master Yan, still incensed, watched as Zhou Shuang walked away. He yelled, “Hilarious!”

It had Xuxu exasperated. She thought to herself, “She isn’t just hilarious. She was the perfect example of it!”

Although Zhou Shuang seemed too able to take it in stride, Xuxu couldn’t leave her in the lurch.

She stole a glance at the police chief.

He caught her eye and smiled to ease the tension. “I’ll head out to arrange some matters. President Yan and Madam Yan, please sit and have a good talk here.”

He turned to leave the room and closed the door after him.

Now that they were alone in the room, Xuxu stretched her hands and grabbed Yan Rusheng’s. She acted coquettishly to get him to help her. “Ah Sheng, don’t be like this. Zhou Shuang is a girl, and we didn’t even do anything illegal in the first place.”

Xuxu got implicated by that female twice and was apprehended. Now, she still spoke up for her friend. It made Yan Rusheng livid as he stared down at Xuxu. Hi lifted an eyebrow. “Do you want to stay here with her?”

Most importantly, that female hooligan had berated him in public and revealed such an embarrassing incident in front of strangers.

He had already shown mercy by not adding any more crimes on her record that could cause her to be locked in for several more days.

Xuxu could understand his fury. “I…”

She wanted to defend Zhou Shuang once more, but Yan Rusheng cut across her. “Home.”

He knew that she wouldn’t listen to him, so he placed his arm around her waist as he pulled her along.

This fellow was determined to leave Zhou Shuang here and Xuxu was desperate. “Ah Sheng, let me go.”