Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 505

Chapter 505 Can You Piggyback Me?

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Yan Rusheng ignored her struggles and led her out of the office.

They bumped into Chief Wu. “President Yan.”

Yan Rusheng asked, “Where is the back door?”

“Over here, you may leave from the canteen.” Chief Wu gestured towards a direction as he led the way.

They exited from a door and walked along a dim road. They entered the canteen, and he sent them all the way to their car.


Yan Rusheng slammed the door after pushing Xuxu into the car.

Chief Wu bade him goodbye, and he nodded in response. He went around the car and started the engine.

Xuxu turned around to face Yan Rusheng. She was getting angry. “How do you expect me to face Zhou Shuang in the future?”

“I didn’t intend for that to happen,” Yan Rusheng replied casually. “Speeding, drinking at a bar and getting men to accompany you. Wen Xuxu, you’re really getting brazen.”

He knew everything. Xuxu deflated, and she clarified, “I protested against her idea.”

Yan Rusheng spoke again. “So you shouldn’t meet Zhou Shuang the female hooligan ever again.”

His tone was decisive.

“She isn’t as bad as you’ve pictured.” Xuxu pouted, feeling indignant. “You can hang out, drink, and party all night long with your friends. But she’s the only friend I have.”

Yan Rusheng glanced askew at her and his heart softened. “If you stop pleading on her behalf, she would be out in less than an hour.”

Xuxu beamed at him. “I got it.”

She clammed up.

Yan Rusheng said nothing more. Instead, he would occasionally catch glimpses of her.

She was quiet and seemed to have reverted to her usual state of aloofness. It made her seem distant, yet his heart began to stir once more.

A thick layer of ice covered the roads, and all vehicles were crawling over it.

Stopping and inching forward.

Sleepiness washed over Xuxu and she propped an arm against the window while supporting her head with a hand.

“Xuxu, we’ve reached.”

She didn’t know how long she slept before Yan Rusheng woke her up.

Xuxu’s eyelids sleepily fluttered. She asked, “We’re here?”

She was about to open the door to get down when she noticed an unfamiliar surrounding. With doubt clouding her mind, she asked, “What’s this place?”

It was dim outside, but she was certain that it wasn’t her apartment, neither was it the Yans’ mansion. She was confused.

Yan Rusheng unfastened his seatbelt and peered at Xuxu. “Don’t you remember? It’s the other end of the street at Yizhong.”

Xuxu looked and studied the street closely. She smiled. “Oh yeah.”

She rubbed her eyes. “But I’m not hungry at all. I’m so sleepy, and I just want to sleep.”

He had definitely brought her here for food. He couldn’t possibly have brought her out for a spin.

Yan Rusheng had already opened the car door when he heard Xuxu. He lifted an eyebrow and said, “Thanks to you, I didn’t have dinner at all. Shouldn’t you grab a bite with me?”

Xuxu didn’t answer, but she started to unfasten her seatbelt.

There was a drastic change in the temperature outdoors, and it made Xuxu shiver. Yan Rusheng walked towards her and held her hand.

That gesture made Xuxu feel warm all over.

Xuxu raised her head to look at the towering man next to her. “Ah Sheng, I’m freezing, can you piggyback me?”

Didn’t this happen to all the pairs of childhood sweethearts? The boy would always carry the girl on his back.

Yan Rusheng heard her request and deliberated for a moment. “I’ll put you down if someone spots us.”

Xuxu happily nodded. “Okay!”

She went to Yan Rusheng’s back and climbed on him.