Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 509

Chapter 509 President Yan You're Really Pretentious

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“What are you trying to do?” asked Xuxu as she tried to snatch her phone back.

Yan Rusheng deftly avoided her hands as he swiped across her screen. He clicked on WeChat, then switched off the function that linked her account to the QQ app.

Then he went back to the home screen to search for the QQ app. When he found it, he pressed on it and held on.

Xuxu helplessly watched as he deleted the app right before her eyes.

She slapped her hand against her forehand, exasperatedly wondering how petty he could be.

She grinned and asked, “Why are you so defensive? Are you feeling threatened because of lack of self-confidence? Are you afraid?”

“You mean I’m afraid of that bespectacled idiot?” Yan Rusheng’s expression showed that he seemed to have heard a joke. “Wen Xuxu, don’t be ridiculous. From head to toe, even my hair is finer than his.”

Confidence was clearly etched on his gorgeous face.

Xuxu was dumbfounded

Yan Rusheng expounded, “I’m just worried that if you hang out with such people, it will affect my status.”

Xuxu was dumbfounded again

“This fellow was being utterly shameless!”

She frowned and retorted, “But I’ve already told him that he can search for my contact via Wechat. What do I do if he can’t find me?”

Yan Rusheng frowned with annoyance. “Are you that concerned about your image in front of him?”

Xuxu was speechless These two matters were entirely different, weren’t they?

She realized that when this man gets unreasonable, he would act like a pampered child and she cannot knock any sense into him.

Xuxu decided to brush it aside and walked away.

Yan Rusheng watched her as a satisfied smile flitted across his face.

“This dumb woman!At least she knows her boundaries.”He made up his mind to attempt the remote control test again tonight!

Xuxu reached the fried vermicelli stall and lifted the cloth at the entrance to enter.

The stall owner, who was clearing the tables, smiled when she saw her. “You’re here.”

Xuxu smiled at her. “Hello, were you busy today?”

As she talked, her eyes darted around looking for seats.

The stall owner replied, “It’s too cold, so the students all went home after school.” She continued, “What would you like to eat tonight?”

Xuxu peered at the huge menu hanging on the wall and said, “I’ll have a bowl of pork vermicelli soup.”

“Sure.” Then she caught sight of Yan Rusheng entering. She smiled and asked him, “Young Master Yan, are you having the usual?”

It puzzled Xuxu when she heard the stall owner. “What does he usually order?”

It sounded like he had patronized this place on a regular basis.

The stall owner grinned and said, “Xuxu, you have no idea. Recently, Young Master Yan came here for a few consecutive nights”

Yan Rusheng suddenly interrupted the stall owner. “Ma’am, today Wen Xuxu is paying.”

“Tonight let me treat both of you instead.” The stall owner loudly declared. She knew that Yan Rusheng had interrupted her because he didn’t want Xuxu to know.

She was very tactful and decided to leave with the dirty bowls and utensils.

Yan Rusheng sat down opposite of Xuxu. Xuxu gazed at him and queried, “Yan Rusheng, why did you frequent here before?”

Yan Rusheng shook his head. “No, I didn’t.”

He bowed his head and used the napkins to wipe the table.

Xuxu persisted. “Is it because of me?”

A smile appeared on her face and in her eyes. Yan Rusheng glanced at her and his good-looking face was blushing crimson. He continued to deny. “Wen Xuxu, stop thinking so highly of yourself. I came here because I fell in love with their food. It has absolutely nothing to do with you.”

Xuxu sneered loudly with contempt. “President Yan, you’re really pretentious!”