Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 510

Chapter 510 It Would Be Damaged Sooner Or Later

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Yan Rusheng can be more pretentious and coy than a woman at times.

Xuxu waited eagerly for the food. Since they were the only customers left, their food arrived rather quickly. They served the dishes steaming hot.

She quickly had a mouthful, and then she stole a glance at the man sitting opposite to her.

His fine hands were holding a pair of chopsticks and ate his food with his full attention. He didn’t even pick out the scallion.

He used to despise such food and labeled them as junk food.

“Ah Sheng has changed a lot because of you”

Fang Jiayin had mentioned this to her before, and she couldn’t help but smile in disbelief.

After finishing their meal, Yan Rusheng sent Xuxu back to her apartment and parked his car outside the building.

He got down and went to the car trunk to retrieve a black plastic bag. Xuxu heard some clattering sounds inside the bag when he lifted it up.

She curiously asked, “What’s inside?”

Yan Rusheng ignored her and continued to walk towards her unit.

Xuxu trailed after him as she eyed the bag in his hand.

She entered and exited the elevator after him as well.

Xuxu took out her keys to open the door. Her apartment was warm. She removed both her coat and shoes.

Yan Rusheng cast his leather shoes aside and walked to the couch without further ado.

He carelessly tipped the contents of the bag onto the couch.

“What’s that?” Xuxu asked as she shuffled over to where he was.

Her jaw dropped when she saw the stuff on the couch.

“I don’t believe that every single one of these remote controls here can’t bear my weight.”

He had selected universal remote controls that had to be paired with her TV before it can be used. Xuxu stood silent as he got to work.

“Wen Xuxu, aren’t you leaving?” Yan Rusheng jerked his head as he glared at Xuxu.

How embarrassing it was for him for her to witness all of this.

“Oh.” Xuxu contained her laughter and walked to her room.

She knew that if she was present, he wouldn’t even budge an inch.


Xuxu entered the room and changed into her pajamas. All of a sudden, the door loudly slammedthe man who had slammed the door close just lost his temper again.

She bolted outside, but the man had already left.

She leaned on the door frame and grinned to herself. He must have failed.

For the next two days, Yan Rusheng came over to try, but the results were the same. He went back home in a huff each night.

Xuxu was worried for her door. At this rate, it would be damaged sooner or later.

After a long day at work, it had completely drained Xuxu’s energy. She walked back from the pantry and saw that there was no one else left in the office.

Yan Rusheng had left right on time that day, claiming that he had an important matter to attend to. She wasn’t able to ask him since work gobbled up all her attention and time.

She returned to her desk and gulped down the glass of water. After which, she grabbed her bag to leave after switching off her computer.

Her phone rang when she reached the elevator. She glanced at the screen and picked up immediately. “Hello, Matron Huang.”

“Xuxu, have I mentioned to you before that the capital city is organizing a New Year’s Day Charity Gala? The orphanage will participate and the kids hope that you can attend to cheer them on. It’s on the 29th of this month at the Capital City Musical Theater.”

Xuxu agreed immediately. “Alright, sure!”