Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 511

Chapter 511 Yan Rusheng I Want You To Disappear

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Matron’s Huang’s delightful voice sounded over the phone. “That’s great. Let me inform the rest of this good news.”

Xuxu smiled. But something had her concerned. She asked, “Matron Huang, the weather has been pretty chilly lately. The children need to keep themselves warm and avoid falling sick. You must take care of yourself too.”

Throughout the entire elevator journey, Xuxu fondly thought of the innocent-looking kids from the orphanage. It somehow made her feel depressed.

She had no idea why she just couldn’t get that matter out of her mind. It must have been because she had gone through what the other young ladies had experienced before.

Even if there were regrets, didn’t she already possess the long-term opportunity to make up for them?

After coming out of the lift, Xuxu rummaged through her bag in search for her keys. She stopped when she heard a noise resembling someone hammering nails through a wall.

She lifted her head and saw that her neighbor’s door was wide open. There was a messy stash at the front door such as pots, bowls, ladle, basin, blanket and so on

“Were they preparing to move places?”

Xuxu walked over to take a quick peek at the house; it was very bright and yet relatively empty. At one glance, the flooring and wallpaper looked brand new.

She sensed that this family paid attention to interior details. Briefly recalling a memory, when she first brought her house, the same family had already stayed at their unit. Two years later, the house still looked well maintained as if it were brand new.

She didn’t linger outside her neighbor’s flat for long. With her keys, she walked past that messy pile to her house and opened the door.

“What’s that?” Xuxu got a shock when she opened the door.

There was an additional door in her living door. Someone had constructed it at the wall diagonally facing the sofa.

She hastily moved towards the door which had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. As she scrutinized it, her face instantly darkened.

A smartly dressed man stood at the door entrance. He had one hand on the door frame as he lazily leaned his whole body against the door frame.

When he noticed that Xuxu’s startled expression had turned into a look of annoyance, he calmly smiled. “Hello, I am your new neighbor who had just shifted in today. My name is Yan Rusheng.”

“Get lost!” Xuxu howled at the man and hurled her bag hard at him. “Yan Rusheng, go to hell.”

After that, she turned around and entered her room in a huff.

As Xuxu sat on her bed, she couldn’t believe that her living room transformed within a day, with an additional door that connected her home to her neighbor’s unit, even!

“Oh my god! Is this a dream?”

She buried her head in her hands and felt like smashing that fellow with a wooden stool.

“Wen Xuxu!” the man yelled at the door to Xuxu’s room, he had flung the door open. He stood at the entrance as he loomed over Xuxu who sat on her bed.

He had the audacity to look for her? Xuxu swiftly scooped a pillow and hurled it at the door. “Yan Rusheng, I want you to disappear immediately.”

He had sneakily taken possession of her neighbor’s house, and God knows, the important matter which he mentioned earlier that required his attention was actually to tear down her wall.

Yan Rusheng couldn’t care less about Xuxu’s attitude and furyhe treated them as non-existent. He dawdled towards her as if nothing happened and said, “Since we’ll be neighbors from now on, shall we have a feast to celebrate?”

Xuxu placed one hand on her forehead and the other hand pointed to the door. Without looking at his face, she became unusually calm and said, “Please disappear from my sight at this instant.”

She needed to calm down.

Yan Rusheng knitted his eyebrows. “Wen Xuxu, I don’t like women who are too pretentious.”

This fellow is born an egomaniac. Well done. Today, he had refreshed his shamelessness to a new level.