Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 512

Chapter 512 Stupid Lass I'll Give You One More Chance.

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Xuxu found it pointless to carry on the conversation with him. She realized that she’ll be the one at a disadvantage in the long run. Hence, she decided to lay on the bed and turned her back against him.

She gave him a ‘regardless of what you say, I’m not going to bother about you anymore’ attitude.

“Dumb woman. You’ll definitely regret it,” Yan Rusheng confidently said. He then turned around to leave.

As she heard the man’s heavy footsteps sounding more distant, Xuxu closed her eyes and paid no further attention to them.

She had 2 slices of bread and a huge glass of water before she knocked off, hence, she didn’t feel hungry and went to bed even though she was still fuming.

Xuxu woke up in the middle of the night, and she felt the thirst rise up her throat. The heater was turned on, and it made the air dry.

She drowsily rolled about on her bed for a while when she suddenly thought of Yan Rusheng. Her eyes widened, and she instantly sat up.

She lifted her quilt, got off her bed, and scurried out. It was pitch-dark outside. Navigating her way around, she extended her hands in search for the switch. When she turned it on, the door was the first thing that caught her eyes.

“This… isn’t a dream. It’s real.”

Xuxu moved forward to take a peek at the neighboring house. The light from her house partially illuminated it.

“Yan Rusheng?”

He said that he had shifted over that day, but she wasn’t so sure if he was still around. Hence, she tried calling for him, but all she heard was her own echo.

As the house was empty, the echo was extremely loud.

She felt goosebumps and instinctively wrapped her arms around her body. She spun around and frantically went to the water dispenser to pour herself a glass of water, after which she took gulps after gulps. She dashed back to her room with lightning speed, locked her door, and snuggled under her blanket.

“Damn that Yan Rusheng.” Tomorrow she will ask someone to seal up that door.

That matter made Xuxu extremely mad. When she saw him in the office the next day, she pulled a long face and didn’t speak to him at all. She didn’t set foot into his office the entire morning, too.

Yan Rusheng appeared to be fuming too and cast a straight face at her. Instead of letting Xuxu order him his takeaway for lunch, which she usually does, he had Qiao Jian do it.

Qiao Jian brought the food into Yan Rusheng’s office. He stood at Yan Rusheng’s office desk and looked at him before opening his mouth cautiously. “President, it seems that Madam hasn’t taken her lunch. Shall I order one more set for her too?”

Yan Rusheng sneered in response. “Let her fend for herself.”

“Huh?” His response stumped Qiao Jian for a moment. He figured that the two of them must be at loggerheads again.

But they had only made peace a few days ago. Why are they arguing again so soon?

As his subordinate, he felt that he had the responsibility to share his boss’ worries and concerns. With a trembling voice, Qiao Jian spoke, “President, every woman loves surprises and romance. You can consider giving Madam a surprise.”

Hearing this, Yan Rusheng raised his head at Qiao Jian, took a packet of tissue, and flung it hard at him. “Get lost!”

To create surprises for her, he bought a house, demolished a wall, and even personally designed the interior.

But that dumb woman just didn’t know what was good for her. He invested so much effort yet she didn’t appreciate it.

“Ahem, young master, are you sure that was a surprise and not a scare?”

Qiao Jian knew that he had accidentally stepped on Yan Rusheng’s toes, and he hurriedly left the office.

Yan Rusheng put down his work and leaned back against his chair, his arms across his chest. He looked at his desk calendar with knitted eyebrows; he appeared to be in deep thoughts. After some time, he gave out a helpless sigh and his expression softened.

“Stupid lass. I’ll give you one more chance.”

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