Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 514

Chapter 514 Stupid Woman You Are Too Blessed

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Yan Rusheng ignored his mother’s chiding. He asked again, “So what should I do next?”

Mu Li replied, “Marinate the steak. It has to be marinated beforehand.”

“Got it.” Yan Rusheng responded and immediately followed Mu Li’s instructions.

From the screen, Madam Mu Li could see her son donning on an apron as he went about in the kitchen. She felt relieved and yet could feel a pang on her heart at the same time. With underlying jealousy hinting on her voice, she commented, “I gave birth to you and raised you, but I have yet to even taste your cooking.”

Yan Rusheng had a straight face on as he answered. “I will only cook for Wen Xuxu.”

There was a long pause

His response broke Madam Mu Li’s heart. At that moment, however, she was thankful that she knew how to swim; otherwise, if she fell into the water with Wen Xuxu, she would definitely drown!

Yan Rusheng’s nimble, thin fingers were gently marinating the two pieces of steak. He was deep in focus on what he was doing.

Even Madam Mu Li was mesmerized at the sight of him. All of a sudden, she asked, “Son, tell me the truth. Have you ever cooked for that Fang lady before?”

Yan Rusheng rolled his eyes at her. “You have nothing better to do.”

Is there a need to ask? The answer was definitelyno. If he had cooked for her before, he didn’t have to get her to teach him today.

After saying that, he turned off the screen.

He felt that he could already independently handle the rest of the task.

After he marinated the steaks, he took out a frying pan and some newly purchased plates from the kitchen cabinet. There were two heart-shaped prints on each plate.

He couldn’t resist, so he planted a light kiss on the plate.

A smile of joy and satisfaction lit up his face. “Stupid woman, you are too blessed.”

From head to toe, Young Master Yan was immeasurably confident and full of himself.

One performance followed by another, and finally, it was Tiny Stars Orphanage to take the spotlight. Xuxu braced herself and gave her full attention to the little kids as they went up in an orderly fashion.

After some dolling up, all of them looked exceptionally bright and radiant.

Xuxu lifted her hands and waved at them with all her might. The children seemed to have telepathic powers, for they simultaneously moved their vision towards her. The moment they saw Xuxu, they pranced and jubilantly cheered on stage.

“Sister Xuxu.”

The children seemed to have forgotten that they were supposed to perform on stage, instead, they pointed to Xuxu and joyfully called out to her.

Xuxu was dumbfounded

The entire audience turned to look at her. She shyly lowered her head. Somehow she regretted to have sprung a surprise for the kids.

Luckily, when the music came on, the performance began and everyone averted their attention to the stage.

As Huanhuan was the youngest, she held the microphone and sang while the rest of the children danced around her.

Xuxu was so engrossed in the performance that when it ended, she longed for more.

As the little children walked down the stage, they eagerly waved at her. She also smiled and waved back and mouthed an ‘I’ll see you later’ to them.

Following that, the emcee went on stage and announced the next segment.

“The next segment is by a female musician, Fang Jiayin. She’s the sponsor for the children from Hope Primary School and will perform with themThe Hope Song.”

When Xuxu heard the emcee’s introduction, the smile on her face instantly froze.

“Fang Jiayin is also here?”

But as her involvement in charity work was highly profiled, it shouldn’t be surprising that she would appear on such occasions.

The emcee left the stage after his introduction and the lights in the theatre changed into a dusky color.

A group of children separately went up from both sides of the stage. They were dressed in jade-green costumes, resembling little elves.

Some of them rolled up the stage while the rest hopped and jumped up the stage.