Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 515

Chapter 515 Youre Back

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In a span of seconds, the lightings on the stage changed again. Soft violin music poured forth slowly into the background, but the violinist was nowhere in sight.

As Xuxu fixed her eyes on the stage, the red curtain pulled open bit by bit. It revealed a woman dressed in a deep red cheongsum 1 . Her silky jet black hair tumbled loosely over her shoulders, and she appeared elegant on stage.

She captivated every soul.

Her hands moved gracefully on the violin fret. Her eyes were closed—she was fully absorbed in her performance.

The audience started whispering to one another. All of them only spoke compliments about her grace and poise.

Xuxu retracted her gaze from the stage. With her head lowered, she curled her lips in self-mockery. She just couldn’t bear hearing people’s praises for Fang Jiayin.

“Wen Xuxu, you are so petty that you’re even looking down upon yourself.”

Paying no heed to such conversations, she rose from her seat and left with her head lowered.

After she exited the theatre, she didn’t look for Matron Huang and the children, and instead, she headed for the bathroom for she had drunk too much water before she came.

When she found the bathroom, she went in and closed the door.

“Your niece is so promising. She’s not only beautiful but talented and kind-hearted as well.”

“Tsk. What’s the use? She can’t conceive, so she can only love and care for other people’s child.”

Xuxu was about to push the door open after she had done her business, but she stopped after hearing some footsteps. Soon, a conversation erupted between two ladies.

She had no idea why but her instinct told her that the ladies were referring to Fang Jiayin.

Like a busybody, she stopped in her steps and started to eavesdrop.

“Hey, what nonsense are you talking about? She looks so good, so how can she not be able to conceive?”

“Nowadays, young ladies do not know what self-love is. They engage in pre-marital sex, get themselves pregnant to the point of almost losing their lives. At that time, if not for Old Liu, she wouldn’t even get the chance to go overseas. But who would’ve known that she turned ungrateful upon her return and kept getting into a head-on clash with Old Liu.”

“Really can’t tell. She seemed to be one who knows her boundaries.”

Xuxu leaned against the partition in a state of shock. Her eyes were wide opened, and her face turned pale.

“Nowadays, young ladies do not know what self-love is. They engage in pre-marital sex, get themselves pregnant to the point of almost losing their lives.”

No. No. No. Fang Jiayin wasn’t the one that they were talking about. She must be thinking too much.

Xuxu waited for the ladies to leave the bathroom before opening her door. With one breath, she ran from the escalator to the basement carpark and found her car. After she got in, she started the engine and stepped on the accelerator.

She told herself repeatedly that Fang Jiayin wasn’t the one that they were talking about.

However, she knew the answer clearly in her heart.

As it was already after the peak traffic hour, the Audi Q7 traveled at full speed on the road.

Xuxu stopped the car as she approached a traffic light and took out her cell phone to dial Yan Rusheng’s number.


The line got through and Xuxu heard Yan Rusheng’s deep voice.

Xuxu recomposed her emotions and tried her best to speak calmly. “Ah Sheng, where are you?”

“New house.”

Xuxu understood the two simple words Yan Rusheng had uttered. She hung up and sped off.

At times, waiting could be blissful, but it could also be fretful. This would depend on one’s feelings during the period of waiting.

Xuxu watched as the floor number indicator in the lift changed by the seconds. But even a split second felt too slow for her.

When the floor number changed to 8, she sped out of the lift before the doors could open fully.

She opened the door with her keys in a hasty manner.

What welcomed her ears was a romantic and relaxing tune. A subtle humming sound from a man could also be heard at the same time. Xuxu stared blankly for a moment before walking towards the new door in a daze.

“You’re back.”