Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 516

Chapter 516 Everything Seems To Be A Dream

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The man was dressed in his usual clean white shirt and well-ironed trousers. But this time, he had an ash-grey colored apron around him. Seeing this, Xuxu could no longer suppress her emotions.

Her eyes turned red as she gazed at the man who looked as beautiful as a painting. “Ah Sheng, I love you.”

The profession of her love was the original version that she had kept in her heart all these years.

“Ah Sheng, I’ve loved you for many years. From the first awakening until now, I’m loving you more and more.”

It stumped Yan Rusheng for a second when he heard Xuxu’s sudden profession of her love. The next moment, she rushed forward, wound her arms around his neck, and kissed his lips as she stood on her toes.

“What’s happening? Why was she so affectionate all of a sudden? And so self-initiated?” Yan Rusheng thought.

To Yan Rusheng, this was the first time that Xuxu took the initiative to kiss. It was such a deep kiss that he didn’t know how to react at that instant.

By the time he had snapped back to his senses, he could no longer contain himself. He embraced her petite body, pushed her against the wall, and fiercely pressed down his lips onto hers.

He was still holding a spatula in his hand.

“Wait a while, my precious.” Yan Rusheng seemed to have recalled something. He carried Xuxu up with both hands while his lips still tightly pressed onto hers. He walked towards the kitchen.

In a moment of passion, a man would yell whatever mushy appellation that came to his mind.

It baffled Xuxu when she heard Yan Rusheng calling her ‘ my precious ‘. She didn’t have any raised goosebumps. Instead, it seemed that his honey smeared hand had simply brushed across her heart.

When they reached the kitchen entrance, a burnt smell entered her nose. Yan Rusheng quickened his steps, and at the same time, his kiss got more intense. He reached the stove and swiftly turned off the fire.

After that, he carried Xuxu and turned around. Pushing her against the sink, he pressed his body down slowly.

Xuxu awkwardly responded.

“Xuxu, Xuxu…”

The man’s deep hoarse accompanied by his heaving panting caused Xuxu to sink deeper time after time.

His long-felt need was finally satisfied, but he didn’t want to stop and wanted it again and again.

“Stupid lass. I know that your willpower is not firm, but I didn’t expect it to bethat weak.” Yan Rusheng lay sideways next to Xuxu. He supported his head with one hand while twirling Xuxu’s hair with the other.

His charming peach blossom-shaped eyes were fixed on her flushed face as if to tease her.

Xuxu’s face became redder when she heard this and bashfully looked away.

Still pretending to be mistreated after gaining a favor, this fellow was a typical example.

The man whispered into her ears again, “Seems that I’ve bought the house and prepared the candlelight dinner in vain.”

In order to create a romantic surprise for her, he pushed the trolley and went in search of ingredients at the supermarket just like any other person.

When he thought of this, he had the urge to give it to her another hundred times just to make up for himself.

Xuxu glanced askew at him and furrowed her eyebrows. “Are you regretting it?”

Never in her wildest dream did she imagine that Yan Rusheng would cook for her. He was even so patient with her.

Everything… seemed like a dream.

All of a sudden, Yan Rusheng dived under the blanket and reached for Xuxu’s hand. When he caught hold of her soft and slender hands, he wrapped it around with his huge palm.

He asked, “What has defeated your willpower?”

Xuxu rolled her eyes in annoyance. “Yan Rusheng, get lost if you continue to behave so smugly.”

He just couldn’t stop when he got all smug and arrogant.

Suddenly, Yan Rusheng lowered his head and pressed his lips on her ear. “You said that you didn’t long for my body, but I think you desired for it more than I do with yours.”

His gentle break sent an electrifying signal down to Xuxu’s body. Her face turned red with embarrassment as she bashfully pushed him away. “You stinky hooligan!”