Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 517

Chapter 517 There Were Only Things That One Didn't Think Of

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After chiding him, she turned over to the other side of the bed and kept a distance from him.

She covered herself with the quilt and sat up. Her hair was in a mess, and the traces on her body were ambiguous.

Yan Rusheng lazily leaned against the headboard and calmly looked at the woman who was searching for her clothes.

Perfect body contours coupled with the bashfulness of a little woman…

Why didn’t he notice Wen Xuxu right from the beginning? Why didn’t she belong to him right from the start?

A streak of jealousy flashed past Yan Rusheng’s eyes. He turned and grabbed her, pressing her down and fiercely kissing her.

What should he do? As the thought of Jiang Zhuoheng popped into his mind, a twinge of jealousy overcame his senses. He felt for Xuxu’s hands and locked his fingers with hers as if telling her that in this lifetime, he would grip her heart tightly and never let it waver.

Xuxu resisted for a moment but soon caved in.

As Yan Rusheng advanced bit by bit, his eyes were flaming with sparks of jealousy.

He wanted to ask: “Wen Xuxu, why didn’t we fall in love earlier? Why didn’t we belong to each other solely?”

That night, they exhausted all their energy.

Lying on the bed, her chest moved up and down with every breath she took. Xuxu recovered her energy after quite some time. As she rubbed her tummy, she turned and face the man beside her. “I’m hungry.”

Yan Rusheng narrowed his charming peach blossom-shaped eyes and his lips mischievously curled up. “Aren’t you full after I’ve fed you for so long?”

“Stinky hooligan. You never changed.” Xuxu raised her fist and hurled punches at his chest.

As her energy had drained out earlier, her punches resembled balls of cotton wool falling on his chest and they didn’t manage to deliver the effect that she wanted. Instead, it almost ‘provoked’ him again.

Yan Rusheng reached out and grabbed Xuxu’s wrist. He teasingly looked at her. “Dumb woman, let me eat something and regain my strength first. You can seduce me again later.”

After that, he lazily sat up and got off the bed barefooted. He walked out of Xuxu’s sight, stark naked.

Xuxu expected him to proceed to the bathroom to take a shower. He was sweating profusely earlier and being mysophobic, taking a shower was a must for him.

All of a sudden, she recalled something and shouted, “Yan Rusheng, come back right now.”

A lazy male voice sounded from the outside. “What do you want?”

“The curtains outside are not drawn.” Xuxu put on her slippers and got off the bed as she spoke. She picked up Yan Rusheng’s shirt from the floor and covered her petite body with it.

The man was calm and collected as usual. “Others can see but cannot touch. So why are you so afraid?”

It baffled Xuxu.

By the time she ran out, Yan Rusheng was already out of sight. She looked at the balcony, and he had already drawn the curtains. When were they drawn? She didn’t hear the sound of the curtains being drawn earlier.

She was feeling puzzled when Yan Rusheng suddenly called out to her from the bathroom. “Wen Xuxu, do you want to shower together?”

Instinctively, Xuxu shook her head. “Don’t want. You shower by yourself.”

Her entire body was aching all over. If she were to take a shower with him, things could happen again.

Xuxu put on the pajamas that she wore yesterday and entered the next room from the new door. The lavish crystal chandeliers were switched on, and they shimmered and flickered under the light.

From the looks of it, from the flooring and wallpaper to the furniture in the house, they were all brand new, yet they didn’t give off the slightest stench. She had no idea how Yan Rusheng did it but she knew one thing—money talks.

There were only things that one didn’t think of, but there’s nothing that one couldn’t handle.