Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 519

Chapter 519 Its Decided

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Xuxu had countless flaws, and Yan Rusheng deduced that the old Wen Xuxu had hidden her true, raw self—so well that even he couldn’t tell despite growing up together.

Yan Rusheng gritted his teeth. “Then I shall inform Madam Mu Li that you don’t miss her at all, and you don’t want to visit her.”

Xuxu immediately opened her eyes when she heard him. She spun her head to look at him. “Yan Rusheng, what did you say?”

Without waiting for him to answer, she promptly sat upright. She grabbed Yan Rusheng’s arm with excitement brooding inside her. “Are we really flying to Country Y?”

“The flight is at 11 a.m.” Yan Rusheng stood up and left the room.

11 a.m. flight? What Yan Rusheng said had momentarily stunned Xuxu. She stole a glance at the clock. It already was ten minutes to ten.

From her apartment to the airport, the drive would take about half an hour with no traffic jam. It was already the weekend and the roads are expected to be slightly congested in the morning. She reckoned they would need at least 45 minutes.

It also meant that she only had 20 minutes to wash up, change her clothes, and pack her baggage?

She jumped off the bed and her body wasn’t aching anymore.

On the flight, the first-class cabin was empty except for both of them. Xuxu had a hunch that Yan Rusheng had booked the entire cabin.

But she decided not to question him as it was an irrefutable fact. Besides, it was too late for changes.

The flight would take more than half a day and Xuxu used this opportunity to catch up on her sleep.

Yan Rusheng didn’t disturb her. He switched on his laptop and worked.

The more Xuxu slept, the drowsier she became. She only woke up twice, to grab a bite and to use the comfort room.

The plane landed safely hours later at Country Y’s capital airport. It was almost evening by the time they landed, and the sun was setting.

They got on the designated car, and Yan Rusheng instructed the chauffeur. “To S hotel first.”

Xuxu curiously looked at him. “Why are we going to the hotel?”

Yan Rusheng said, ” We are sending the luggage there.”

Sending their luggage there? It puzzled Xuxu and so she questioned him again. “Why do we need to stay at the hotel?”

Aunt Mu Li had a huge house.

With a deadpanned expression, Yan Rusheng said, “If we stay with them, they will disrupt our progress.”

The corners of Xuxu’s mouth twitched. But she heaved a quiet sigh of relief that the chauffeur couldn’t understand their language. If not, his mind probably would run wild.

She protested, “But I don’t want to stay at a hotel. There are too many strangers around.”

This trip was a long-awaited one, and she wanted to spend time with Aunt Mu Li and Second Uncle.

Yan Rusheng refused to oblige and said in an unyielding tone, “But the strangers won’t disturb us. It’s decided.”

Xuxu protested a few more times to no avail. The chauffeur didn’t listen to her, so she had to give up.

The biggest difference between Country Y and back in the capital city was cleanliness. The streets were clean with no sight of litter anywhere. The air was fresh, too.

The weather was cool, although the breeze was slightly warm, simply wearing a sweater was already enough in that kind of weather. Xuxu looked out of the windows as she watched the building they passed by.

Suddenly, she thought of something and spun around. “Yan Rusheng, the wishing well outside Country Y’s royal palace that you’ve mentioned, did you mean Charles’ home?”

Yan Rusheng retorted, “That’s not his house, and it has nothing to do with him.”

Xuxu quipped, “But his mother is a princess.”

Yan Rusheng frowned. With no trace of amusement in his voice, he said, “Wen Xuxu, is the reason you got excited was because of the foreigner with blue eyes?”