Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 520

Chapter 520 We'll Leave After Dinner

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Jealousy coated every word that came from Yan Rusheng’s mouth.

Xuxu was speechless.

Yan Rusheng can really twist her words, and he was more unreasonable than a woman.

Xuxu turned away from the man and back to the window as she admired the scenery. Country Y had busy and bustling streets, and there were fanciful, unique-looking buildings everywhere. Under the setting sun, the whole city seemed so surreal and beautiful.

The car left the busy and bustling part of the city and stopped outside a splendid-looking hotel which resembled a grand castle from outside. There was a fountain outside the entrance and the chandeliers illuminated the whole hotel. It gave off a luxurious and extravagant charm.

The chauffeur got down and brought out their luggage from the trunk.

Xuxu and Yan Rusheng remained in the car, the latter had her back facing him. She was giving him the silent treatment for insisting to stay at the hotel.

Why did he insist on staying at the hotel when they could stay with his parents?

Yan Rusheng glanced at Xuxu as he studied her expression. He grinned and ignored her.

He decided not to allow her to have her way every single time; otherwise, she would become too pampered. These past few days, he had almost become a hen-pecked husband.

Women occasionally threw tantrums, and this does not exempt Wen Xuxu. Though, in her tantrums, she’s able to display an adorable expression while maintaining a pout.

The chauffeur came out of the hotel and started the car once more. Xuxu continued to peer out of the window.

It was already dark by the time they got to Aunt Mu Li’s mansion. The second the car stopped in the courtyard, Xuxu pushed the door and jumped to her feet.

A beautiful, elegant lady came out of the house wearing a dark purple knitted dress. She had draped a white shawl around her shoulders and her short hair was beautifully curled.

No one could tell her real age from her appearance.

When she saw Xuxu and Yan Rusheng getting out of the car, excitement and joy stirred in her charming peach blossom-shaped eyes. She walked hastily towards them. “Xuxu!”

She headed towards Xuxu and her every actions and gesture revealed how much she liked this daughter-in-law of hers.

“Aunt Mu Li.” Xuxu hurried towards her and gave her a tight hug. Happiness overwhelmed her as she lifted the old lady up and swung her in circles.

She carefully put her down on the ground and surveyed her from head to toe. Finally, her eyes darted to her hair and she immediately became startled. “Why did you cut your hair?!”

She still had long hair two days ago when they had a video conversation.

When they had a conversation over a video chat two days ago, she still had long hair.

Mu Li brushed her hair lightly. “To welcome both of you, I went to the salon this morning. Do I look pretty?”

She spun around so that Xuxu can take a better look.

“So ugly,” said a lazy voice, ultimately cutting across Xuxu and Mu Li’s chat.

The person who commented promptly walked away with his hands in his pockets. He did not wait further for Mu Li’s reply.

Mu Li glared at the haughty-looking back and yelled, “Wretched son! Tonight, you shall sleep on the streets. Don’t you dare sleep at my house!”

Yan Rusheng didn’t halt, instead, he quipped, “It’s fine with me since I don’t intend to stay at your house. We’ll leave after dinner.”

“You…” Mu Li was breathless with anger. But she composed her face into a smile when she saw Xuxu. “At last, you’re finally here with us. Both your dad and I missed you so much.”

She held her hand and led Xuxu into the house.

The house was spick and span. Although Mu Li might be a little forgetful and careless at times, she was thoughtful and patient. French windows filled the entire mansion and the choice of furniture was all European-inspired. She also had her art pieces displayed all over the house.

A light scent pervaded the air and Xuxu took a deep breath.

She said, “Aunt Mu Li, your place is wonderful and I can’t bear to leave every time.”