Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 521

Chapter 521 You Will Know The Consequences

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Mu Li suddenly furrowed her eyebrows. “Huh? What did you address me as?”

“Oh!” Xuxu was startled and realized what she had said. “….Mother.”

She really couldn’t bring herself to say it over the phone. It was even harder now that she had to say it while facing her. She immediately bowed her head feeling all bashful.

Mu Li saw that Xuxu was blushing. She solemnly quipped, “You have to get used to it. If the next time you make this mistake again, I’ll punish you.”

Xuxu nodded and responded with an ‘uh’ .

“I’ve waited for years for you to address me as Mother. If your grandmother was still…” Mu Li accidentally spoke of Grandmother, and she hastily cut off mid-way. She changed the topic. “Go up and say your greetings to your Father. I’ll go to the kitchen to make sure everything is ready.”

She released Xuxu’s hand. The latter agreed with a smile, and she happily went up the stairs.

She walked towards the master bedroom and the door was ajar.

“But it can’t be helped. Your uncle is bent on bringing his illegitimate children and their mother into the family.”

“I have no other way but to let you handle this matter.”

“I understand, tomorrow I will look for them and have a chat with them.”

Xuxu stood outside the room. She was shocked upon hearing Yan Weihong and Yan Rusheng’s conversation.

‘Your uncle is bent on bringing his illegitimate children and their mother into the family…’

She thought, “What… what did he mean? First Uncle had a mistress?” Xuxu used a hand to hold the door for support while her mouth was open in utter shock.

How could that have happened? First Aunt was such a nice person, and the couple had been so loving throughout their marriage.

Cough, cough.

Yan Weihong coughed all of a sudden, and it jolted Xuxu back to her senses. She adjusted herself and walked into the room with a smile. “Second Uncle.”

Yan Weihong was lying on the bed. He looked refreshed and energetic; his recovery after the operation must have gone well.

The moment he caught sight of Xuxu, he smiled and waved at her. “Xuxu, come over quickly.”

Then he turned to Yan Rusheng. “Pull a chair over for Xuxu.”

Young Master Yan frowned. “Doesn’t she have hands?”

He wasn’t her servant. If he helped her get a chair, it would seem like he had pampered her too much.

Yan Weihong was upset with his son’s attitude. “You have to dote on Xuxu.”

Yan Rusheng rose and glanced at his father lying on the bed. “Our family traditions and practices are all ruined by you.”

Yan Weihong mulled over the meaning of his son’s words; he took a short while to comprehend what he meant. He glared at him with his eyes burning with anger. “Wretched son! What do you mean?”

Xuxu understood what Yan Rusheng had said, and she glared at him crossly as well. This fellow really dared to say anything that comes to his mind with no respect for his elders.

Second Uncle doted and loved his wife too much.

Alright, she was trying to contain her laughter although it wasn’t a joke. She felt that it was normal for a man to dote on his wife.

But how would Yan Rusheng be like his father and dote on her like how his father had doted on Aunt Mu Li?

They had an entirely different start to their relationship.

Aunt Mu Li was different from her. Aunt Mu Li was the type of woman who was born to be doted on, and she had the right since her husband loved her so much.

However, it was only recently that Xuxu had finally gotten what she had yearned for, and she was still on tenterhooks that this happiness might slip through her fingers—thus, it might end up only as a cherished memory.

She decided not to mull over it, and Xuxu shook her head to prevent herself from letting her imagination run wild. She pulled the chair and smiled at Yan Weihong. “Second Uncle, ignore him. He is a pampered young master.”

“Wretched lass, you are getting bolder because you have your backers?” Yan Rusheng couldn’t take her criticisms lying now and knocked her forcefully on her head. He continued, “You will know the consequences after dinner.”