Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 522

Chapter 522 I Dont Dare To

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Yan Rusheng left after giving Xuxu a warning.

Xuxu knew that Yan Rusheng was being subtle with the way he phrased his warning because of Yan Weihong. If it was Mu Li in the room, he would say that she would suffer the consequences at night.

She felt that there was a need for her to have a serious conversation with him. Even if he chose to be shameless, he needed to take any situation into consideration.

“Xuxu, it’s been tough on you.”

Yan Weihong retracted his gaze after Yan Rusheng left. He watched Xuxu with a benign expression.

Xuxu lightly shook her head. “I’m alright.”

“Since you were a child, I’ve always known you were sensible. In fact, you were always more sensible than Third Yan,” Yan Weihong earnestly remarked. “Like what you’ve said, we have spoiled him since he was born, and that might be the reason why he isn’t too thoughtful or doting towards you. Give him more time and I’m sure you’ll be able to change him.”

He sounded absolutely certain and confident.

“I know.” Xuxu bowed her head and smiled to herself. She said, “Actually, he has changed a lot.”

To her, it was already a miracle that he had managed to change. It never once crossed her mind that she would one day witness a different side of him.

Yan Weihong chatted with Xuxu regarding Yan Rusheng and the current situation at Flourish & Prosper. A short while later, Mu Li came to get Xuxu for dinner.

A fine feast was waiting on the table, and Mu Li personally prepared most of it.

After dinner, Mu Li went upstairs to accompany Yan Weihong. Xuxu sat on the sofa to watch a rerun of a drama that she liked. Suddenly, Yan Rusheng came barging into the living room and snatched the remote control away without warning.

She raised her head with an annoyed expression. “Yan Rusheng, what are you doing?!”

Yan Rusheng didn’t answer. Instead, he changed it to a local sports channel that broadcasted a live basketball match.

He held on to the remote control and bent to sit down beside Xuxu.

It riled Xuxu up. She argued with him. “I was watching my drama first. Why did you change the channel?”

She stretched her hand in an attempt to snatch the remote control away.

“Wen Xuxu, be quiet. It’s a live broadcast.” Yan Rusheng’s eyes were glued to the screen. He used his palm, forcefully pushing her face way to stop her from talking.

Xuxu fell on her back as a result.

She furiously scrambled to sit up, looking like a feisty cat who was about to explode. Without a second thought, she hurled her whole body towards the unreasonable man and yelled. “Third Yan, you’re too atrocious!”

Yan Rusheng didn’t expect her to pounce on him. To be precise, he didn’t think that she would be so bold and dared to act like this in his parents’ house.

He fell to the floor due to her weight, and she sat on top of him.

Regardless of how anyone looked at their current predisposition, it was too embarrassing.

“Wen Xuxu. Stop putting on a faade when you’re obviously trying to seduce me.” Yan Rusheng gnashed his teeth and put the remote control down. His hand gripped the sides of Xuxu’s waist.

He tickled her with force and didn’t care that she was a woman.

“Ahh Haha” Xuxu writhed in pain and in being tickled as she sat on top of Yan Rusheng’s body.

“Do you still dare to attack me? Huh?” Yan Rusheng stopped to stare at her with raised eyebrows.

Xuxu’s face was warm and as red as a tomato after laughing for some time. Then she recalled that this wasn’t her apartment and they need to tone it down.

“I don’t dare to,” she conceded in defeat.

She well knew that competing to see who was more brazen and shameless with Yan Rusheng would be foolish of her. If he really dared to do something to her on the sofa, would he even care if anyone else in the house saw them?