Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 523

Chapter 523 You Really Have A Bad Foresight

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After Xuxu waved the white flag, Yan Rusheng didn’t make things difficult for her anymore. “Wretched lass. It seems like you’re not so foolish after all.”

He affectionately chided her as he tightly grabbed her waist once more. He swiftly sat up and gave her a kiss on the lips before she even realized it.

Her lips felt a fleeting cold touch.

After Xuxu snapped back to her senses, the man had already relinquished his grip. He was grinning with satisfaction while turning his attention back on the TV screen.

She bashfully bowed her head and turned her body so that she sat next to him.

“Both of you can continue to ignore our presence and use this living room freely.”

Suddenly Mu Li’s teasing voice broke the silence.

Xuxu blushed even harder. “Did Aunt Mu Li witness everything?”

This was too embarrassing.

Mu Li walked towards them, and Xuxu kept her head bowed.

“Xuxu, the best way to counterattack is to be shameless as well. The more bashful and rigid you are, the more he will attack your shortcomings.” Mu Li walked to the sofa. She bent to glance at Xuxu with a straight face. “Since he is shameless, then you need to be more shameless than him. If you are just like him, then he won’t find it meaningful to tease you anymore.”

Her statement made Xuxu dumbfounded.

No wonder she was a professor; she could turn a topic like this into serious advice.

She suddenly felt that Yan Rusheng was a chip off an old block. He resembled Mu Li in terms of character and appearance.

Second Uncle was a gentle and graceful man. And he was reticent and introverted.

She didn’t seem to recall hearing Second Uncle saying anything to tease Aunt Mu Li in public.

He had always acted like an upright gentleman even in front of their family members.

So Yan Rusheng’s shameless, sly, and roguish traits must have been from Aunt Mu Li’s genes, and somehow, the genes must have mutated.

“I’ll get some water.” Xuxu couldn’t stand the burning embarrassment any longer and gave a random reason so that it could excuse her from the room.

However, Yan Rusheng extended his hand and held on to her wrist. “Stay with me to watch this match.”

He pulled her back, and Xuxu slumped back on the sofa again.

“I’ll help your dad to shower now.” Mu Li fondly watched the young couple, and tactfully excused herself.

Xuxu kept sneaking glances at Mu Li until she vanished from sight. It was only after she left that she had heaved a sigh of relief.

Yan Rusheng broke the silence and commented, “Wen Xuxu, you’re not someone who should be shy and bashful.”

He meant that she wasn’t reserved at all. Xuxu shrieked. “Get lost!”

Yan Rusheng’s eyes were still fixed on the screen. One player wearing a blue jersey threw the ball into the hoop but he didn’t score!

Hence, he switched off the TV. “Their skills can’t even be compared to 10 percent of mine.”

Xuxu threw him a contemptuous look. “Boastful.”

Yan Rusheng rose and coldly glanced at her. “From junior high school, Jiang Zhuoheng failed to defeat me.”

He was fine when he didn’t mention it, but now that he did, jealousy surged once more. “So Wen Xuxu, you really have a bad foresight.”

Xuxu was dumbfounded…

She gazed at the jealous man and Xuxu burst into laughter.

Yan Rusheng went upstairs and came down after a brief moment. He bent and grabbed her hand without a word. “Let’s go.”

Xuxu certainly knew where they were going. “Are we leaving like this? I’ll go up and inform them.”

“I just did,” Yan Rusheng impatiently spoke. He then dragged her out.

Xuxu didn’t believe him entirely, so she asked again, “Really?”

After a lot of anticipation, they finally made a trip there. How could Madam Mu Li allow them to leave without any protests? She would definitely lecture him.