Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 526

Chapter 526 Was He Embarrassed?

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She once accompanied him to get that necklace, and she thought that it was meant for the Mayor’s daughter’s birthday gift.

Yan Rusheng remained silent. All the while he took out the necklace and threw the box aside. After that, he put on the necklace on Xuxu’s slender neck.

The cold pendant brushing against her skin tickled her senses. She nodded and mumbled indistinctly to herself. She intently looked at the pendant which was made out of nine pieces of small diamonds. It dazzled under the lights of the crystal chandeliers in the room.

She stretched out her hand and held the pendant with her fingers. She then raised her head to look at the man who was trying to clasp the necklace for her. There was a look of doubt across her face. “Yan Rusheng, why did you put this necklace on me?”

“Done.” Yan Rusheng turned and faced Xuxu after he had clasped the necklace. He embraced her waist and stared at the necklace on her neck for quite some time. He looked pleased and said, “This way, you’ll be able to compliment my status.”

He didn’t directly answer Xuxu’s question.

He held her hand and walked towards the door. After grabbing Xuxu’s bag that was hanging on the clothes stand, they walked out of the room hand in hand.

Xuxu looked down and was still brooding over the necklace on her neck.

She could overlook his past, his intimate relationships with other women, and even when he had…

She could disregard all these, but she didn’t want to own things that didn’t rightfully belong to her from the start.

At the time they purchased the necklace, Grandmother was still well. They weren’t married at that point yet and had been constantly at loggerheads, too. So, with these, she was certain that the necklace wasn’t meant for her in the first place.

As Xuxu thought over it, she had the urge to remove the necklace when Yan Rusheng whispered into her ears all of a sudden. “The necklace was meant for you right from the beginning.”

After hearing this, Xuxu was quite baffled that she stopped in her steps. She held up her necklace and blankly stared at the man before her. An expression of doubt still clouded her eyes.

‘It’s the Mayor’s daughter’s birthday. Help me pick a birthday gift according to your preference.’

At that time, it was almost her 25th birthday as well. So could it be…?

There was a sudden sparkle in Xuxu’s eyes, and she opened her mouth. “Are you saying that this…”

Yan Rusheng cut her off and continued on her behalf. “It’s meant for you, stupid woman!”

After that, he held back her hand and continued walking forward.

Xuxu was usually a quick thinker, but this time her reflexes were too slow. It was only after Yan Rusheng had dragged her along a few steps that she came back to her senses. In an instant, she grinned from ear to ear.

She looked at the side contour of Yan Rusheng’s flawless face and realized that his face was flushed. Was he embarrassed?

Yan Rusheng took a peek at Xuxu, he could tell that she was feeling immeasurably satisfied. However, he was flushed with embarrassment and felt annoyed. “Grandmother forced me.”

Xuxu responded with an ‘Oh’ and continued gazing at the heart-shaped pendant. A genuine smile appeared across her face. As long as its original owner wasn’t someone else…

The car was already waiting at the hotel entrance. When the chauffeur saw them walking out, he calmly and politely opened the car door for them.

Xuxu got into the car and accidentally caught sight of the prominent Chanel logo at the other end of the hotel. The mannequin at the window display was wearing a… wasn’t that the dress that she…?

She lowered her head and looked at her dress. Wasn’t that the dress that she was wearing?

She seemed to have instantly understood something. If he hadn’t paid special attention to it, he wouldn’t have been able to describe it in such great detail.

As she thought of this, she turned and stared blankly at the man next to her.

After Yan Rusheng had closed the door after him, he noticed that Xuxu was staring at him and looked her in the eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Xuxu lightly shook her head, retracted her gaze, and stared intensely at the dress on her body once more.