Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 527

Chapter 527 Cute Handkerchiefs

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This petty man had advantages too; he was attentive.

The drive from City S to City H would take about 4-5 hours.

In Country Y, the traveling time hinged upon the speed of the car, and it wasn’t dependent on the traffic condition.

Since she had been tormented to the point of exhaustion last night and had to wake up early in the morning, Xuxu fell asleep during the car ride and more so, had the best of it. By the time she woke up, they had already reached the city area of City H.

As she looked out of the car window, she raised her hands to stretch. The car had turned into a vintage looking street. On both sides of the street, there were vintage architectures that bored traces of Country Y’s rich and unique cultural style.

Xuxu eagerly fished out her cell phone and snapped a few shots.

“Young Master Yan, we have arrived.”

As the car reached the end of the vintage street, the chauffeur reduced speed and turned his head to look at Yan Rusheng.

“Alright.” Yan Rusheng nodded his head and pointed to a family restaurant a few meters ahead before saying, “Stop the car in front of the restaurant ahead.”

The chauffeur drove over and stopped the car outside the restaurant.

“Let’s get down and have lunch,” said Yan Rusheng. After that, he alighted from the car with Xuxu following behind.

The two of them randomly ordered some food from the restaurant to fill their growling stomachs.

Xuxu was slurping on her dessert while Yan Rusheng was looking out of the window with a cup of coffee in his hand. The golden rays of the afternoon sun shone right through the glass windows, forming a golden layer on his eyebrows and eyelashes, causing them to glow.

Each time Xuxu looked at him, she held back her words.

All of a sudden, Yan Rusheng retracted his gaze from the window, placed down his cup of coffee, and looked at Xuxu. “You stay here and have a drink. I have something to attend to and will come back shortly.”

“Ok.” Xuxu nodded her head and didn’t ask further.

If he would attend to First Uncle’s matters, she felt that it wasn’t appropriate for her to be present.

After Yan Rusheng left, Xuxu finished her dessert and left the restaurant too. The vintage architecture styles in Country Y captivated her, and she wanted to take a few more photos as a memento.

It was a long street with many intersections.

With the cell phone in her hand, Xuxu took photos as she walked. She was glad that she was wearing flats and a pair of soft white pumps that refreshingly matched the color of her dress that day. Coupled with her long, straight hair tumbling loosely over her shoulders, she looked just like a typical oriental lady.

The streets were filled with different unique cultural flavors, and there were also many ethnic souvenirs on sale.

They could be seen everywhere along the street, but Xuxu wasn’t keen on those little things and merely stood at the door to take some photos.

“This is so cute.”

She finally kept her phone when she passed by a shop selling handkerchiefs. She showed a keen interest in the things inside the shop.

There was an assortment of handkerchiefs with different cat prints on them, and each piece was adorable to the eyes. She fondly examined each piece and couldn’t bear to let them go.

“Hello, we can imprint your favorite pictures or words on them.” A salesperson walked out and explained to Xuxu with a smile.

Xuxu nodded her head. “I got it.”

She raised her head and looked through the rest of the handkerchief designs in the shop. There were big and small colorful ones, but after looking through all of them, she only had eyes on the cat print handkerchiefs in front of her.

She looked at them once more and thought of the pictures or words to be imprinted on the handkerchiefs.

After that, she decisively pulled off two pieces. One had a picture of a sleeping cat while the other was a feisty cat who was about to explode.

She handed the two handkerchiefs to the salesperson. “I want to imprint some words on them.”