Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 528

Chapter 528 Your Way Of Striking A Conversation Lacks Creativity

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The salesperson made an ok sign and took out a pen and paper for her to write down the words.

Actually, the process was simple and similar to the customization of printed T-shirts in her own country, but the quality of the materials was better. After they were done with the printing, they washed it on the spot, blew dry and have it ironed to ensure that there weren’t any changes in the colors.

“It’s done.” The salesperson handed the printed handkerchiefs to Xuxu.

“Thank you.” After Xuxu had received them, she lowered her head and looked at them as she walked out of the shop. Her fingers caressed the four printed words at the corner of the handkerchiefs: xuxu rusheng.

“Be careful!”

Suddenly, an anxious male voice called out to her from her front. Instinctively, Xuxu stopped in her steps, raised her head and looked towards the direction of the voice.

She was dumbstruck. How could there be such a beautiful… man in this world?

She had no idea if she should describe him as a boy or a man. He was at least 1.8 meters tall and wearing a set of black casual clothes. His jet black and naturally curled hair were neatly combed.

He had a pair of charming abstruse eyes. At one glance, he appeared to be mixed blood but upon scrutiny, there weren’t any distinctive features of a Westerner.

He was carrying a backpack and holding an SLR in his hand. Standing under the midday sun, the rays pierced his abstruse-looking eyes and he could hardly open them. Below his sharp nose, his aureate lips curved into a sunny smile.

Xuxu momentarily paused and calmly retracted her gaze. She lowered her head and noticed the doorstep next to her feet.

She finally understood, and she raised her head to smile at him. “Thank you.”

After thanking him, she lifted her legs and crossed over the step.

“Don’t move!” the man shouted again out of the blue.

His voice startled Xuxu. She stood still and shot a puzzled look at the man.

“You are very beautiful,” praised the man as he looked at Xuxu. After that, he held up his SLR and said, “Let me take a photo of you.”

Xuxu heard him and instinctively wanted to reject him. But before she could speak, the man had already pressed the shutter with his slender finger.

Actually, having a shot taken wasn’t much of a big deal, especially since she’s overseas. The boy already took the photo, so she didn’t fuss over it.

She crossed over the doorstep of the handkerchief shop and was preparing to continue exploring the vintage street.

The man who earlier had taken her photo walked up to her. He asked with a smile, “May I know your name?”

Xuxu nodded without hesitation. “Sure”

Without waiting for the man to respond, she switched her words. “But I can also choose not to let you know.”

Having said that, she rolled her eyes at him.

So as it turned out, one could also encounter such old fashion pickup lines overseas.

The man shrugged his shoulders and with a look of regret, he said, “It’s a pity not being able to know the name of such a beautiful lady.”

After saying that, he looked at the camera on his hand and scrolled to the photo he had taken earlier.

Xuxu ignored him and continued snapping photos with her phone as she walked.

But the man kept following after her. He secretly took photos of her from time to time.

Xuxu hastened her steps in an attempt to lose him in the crowd, but to her surprise, the fellow was unwilling to give up.

She stopped in her tracks and frowned in annoyance. “Little boy, your way of striking a conversation lacks creativity.”

However, the person beamed even more! Looking at his two deep-set dimples, one would easily fall for it if they weren’t careful.

He said, “You have fallen for my appearance. Actually, I’ve already graduated from university.”

“You are still a child to me,” Xuxu spoke. Having no further intention to bother about him, she raised her feet and continued.