Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 532

Chapter 532 As A Man He Can't Go Back On His Word

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Both of them leisurely strolled from one end to the other end of the street.

The chauffeur, as instructed by Yan Rusheng, waited at the end of the street for them. When he saw them heading towards the car, he scurried to open the doors.

Yan Rusheng was about to get in the car when Xuxu grabbed his arm. “Yan Rusheng, let’s take a photo as a memento.”

Who knows if they would be able to come back here again. Besides, she really liked this vintage street.

Yan Rusheng turned to glance at the street behind them and frowned. “What’s so special about this? It’s just an ordinary street.”

Xuxu knew that he didn’t enjoy taking photos, especially in public. She beamed sweetly at him. “There is nothing special about the street, but the most important part is you being here with me right now.”

As the saying goes,“Know your opponent well, and you will never be defeated.”

Being appreciated so sincerely by his own wife, Young Master Yan was secretly gloating with joy. He wore a smile and his finger affectionately brushed against the tip of her nose. “Stupid woman, you are wise indeed.”

He took Xuxu’s phone and passed it to the chauffeur. “Help us take a picture.”

He grabbed Xuxu’s hand and retraced their steps back onto the street before stopping.

Suddenly he bent and scooped Xuxu up. He then shouted to the chauffeur. “Okay.”

Xuxu’s heart seemed to leap out in shock when Yan Rusheng lifted her off the ground. The sensation was like that of taking a roller coaster ride. She tightly clenched his shirt.

After the shock died away, she admonishingly glared at Yan Rusheng. “Can’t you be normal?”

Why did he always have to resort to such unexpected tricks?

“Those cliche couple pose where the man put his arm around a woman’s shoulders is so boring. Why should we take a photo like that?” Yan Rusheng swiftly bent his head after he had answered her. She proceeded to give her a kiss on her red rosy lips.

If they were to take a photo, then they would have to attempt something different. Something passionate.

By the time they head back to S City, it was already dusk.

The car entered the city, and Yan Rusheng allowed the chauffeur to leave so that he could drive.

The capital city of Country Y wasn’t any different from their capital city. Brilliant, bright lights filled everywhereit illuminated everything it could touch.

The car window was open, and a gentle, comfortable breeze entered the car. Xuxu’s eyelids sleepily began to flutter.

When she woke up once more, she glimpsed what was ahead. Her mouth was wide open; shock and excitement flashed past her eyes.

“This is”

Xuxu pointed at the magnificent, well-illuminated building ahead of them. She was about to say something when Yan Rusheng cut across. “Silly lass, the palace wishing well you’ve always dreamt of visiting is right ahead.”

It’s really the royal palace. The place where countless women had dreamt of.

But why did this wishing well became something she had looked forward to? It was Yan Rusheng who had wanted to make a trip to Country Y for this wishing well.

Xuxu decided not to argue with him and instead, she dreamily gazed at the royal palace which seemed to have popped right out of a fairytale. It overwhelmed her with emotions.

It was too breathtaking and beautiful. Pictures didn’t do it any justice.

The car couldn’t enter the compound any further, so Yan Rusheng and Xuxu walked towards it.

The entire royal palace was built according to Country Y’s traditional style. The erect and imposing gates had soldiers standing guard outside.

No tourists could enter beyond the stipulated boundaries, and they could only admire from a distance away.

Yan Rusheng stuffed his hands inside his pockets and leisurely trailed after Xuxu. He wasn’t interested in the royal palace.

But since he had promised Xuxu to bring her here, he felt that as a man, he can’t go back on his word.