Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 533

Chapter 533 Yan Rusheng Youre A Jerk

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Wasn’t this just a building? What’s so special about it?

He couldn’t understand why all the women were so excited and screaming so unreservedly.

Young Master Yan stole a glance at several ladies who were excitedly pointing at the palace and exclaiming at the top of their voices. Contempt was evident in his peach blossom-shaped eyes.

“Let’s go to the wishing well.” After snapping a few photos of the palace, she decided that it would suffice, so she stowed her phone away. She turned around to see Yan Rusheng staring a distance away.

She followed his line of vision, and her eyes fell upon several ladies who had black hair and were sexily dressed.

Upset, she furrowed her eyebrows. “Are they reallythatpretty?”

Yan Rusheng knew that she was jealous, and he grinned. He retracted his gaze and looked at Xuxu. He nodded and answered, “Yes, but they’re not as pretty as you.”

He held her hand and led her to the wishing well.

There was a huge crowd of people around the wishing well, and an exquisitely carved statue stood in the middle of the well. It was a beautiful statue of a goddess.

Xuxu observed the people around them so that she could make a wish as well. It seemed to be the same as back in their home country whereby they had to throw a coin.

The only difference was that it was a free wishing coin. The person will have to hold it tightly, shut their eyes, and pray silently in their heart.

Then they can throw the coin into the wishing well.

Xuxu managed to get a wishing coin and she tightly shut her eyes. She then silently prayed in her heart.

Yan Rusheng suddenly whispered in her ear to playfully tease her. “Do you know what type of wishes this wishing well commonly grants?”

Xuxu wasn’t aware, but she noticed that devious smirk on Yan Rusheng’s face and she instantly knew that he would say something inappropriate. She decided to ignore him and continued to make her wish.

However, Yan Rusheng lingered around her and he whispered once more in her ear. “Those who are yearning for a child.”

Then he straightened his back, and he grinned from ear to ear.

Xuxu’s cheeks and ears turned red, and she was so embarrassed that she didn’t dare lift her head. Did she talk in her sleep, and he overheard her?

If not, why did he such a coincidence

She bit her lips and opened one eye to steal a glance at Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng spoke once again. “The reason Country Y built the palace here was because of this wishing well. The royal family hopes that the people in their country would flourish, and hope that the country would be glorious and prosperous for generations.”

Xuxu widened her eyes when she heard him. She eyed him apprehensively. “Are you serious?”

Miss Wen was unbelievably naive this time around.

Yan Rusheng pretended to be shocked. “Wen Xuxu? Are you seriously praying for a child?”

His eyes glittered with mischief as he gazed into her innocent-looking eyes.

Xuxu furiously clenched her fists and punched Yan Rusheng’s chest. “Yan Rusheng, you’re a jerk!”

How could she have believed his nonsense and in return, tricked into revealing her wish?

This horrible scum was incorrigible.

Yan Rusheng threw her wishing coin into the well and lifted her off her feet. He whispered seductively into her ear, “If you are wishing for a child, shouldn’t you beg me instead of the goddess?”

He carried Xuxu and walked to the car.

Xuxu was so embarrassed. She chided him, “Yan Rusheng, you’re a liar and scum!”

It lifted Yan Rusheng’s spirits when he heard her chiding him so coquettishly. He had thoroughly enjoyed teasing her.

They went straight to the hotel, although Yan Rusheng was the one who decided on it. Xuxu kept repeating that she wanted to head to Mu Li’s house, but the man had the final say.