Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 535

Chapter 535 Who Came?

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Because of the time difference, Xuxu woke up before dawn again.

Yan Rusheng was still sound asleep, so she got off the bed as quietly as she could. She switched on her laptop and started working.

After Yan Rusheng had woken up, they hurriedly grabbed a bite before heading to Mu Li’s place.

They didn’t visit her yesterday, and that made Madam Mu Li bitter and upset.

When they got into the car, Yan Rusheng felt that there was something in his pocket. He stretched his hand to reach for it. Upon pulling it out, he realized it was a neatly folded handkerchief.

He unfolded it. On it, there was a picture of a sleeping cat with four words at a corner: ‘xuxu rusheng’.

He dangled the handkerchief in front of Xuxu. He raised an eyebrow while feigning ignorance. “Wen Xuxu, why do I have a handkerchief in my pocket?”

Xuxu snapped at him. “You obviously know!”

Who else would stuff things inside his pockets but her? And who else would dare to touch his precious and expensive clothes?

Yan Rusheng lightly smirked. “Did you give me this?”

He brought the handkerchief back to his nose and sniffed it. “It has a stupid woman smell on it.”

“Give it back if you don’t want it.” Xuxu tried to snatch the handkerchief away.

Yan Rusheng grasped the handkerchief tightly in his palm. He lazily quipped, “It’s quite childish and cliche, but since you gave it to me I will still cherish it.”

Xuxu glared at him. “Carry on gloating then.”

Yan Rusheng stopped his teasing. He carefully folded the handkerchief and kept it inside his pocket once more.

Xuxu contemplated for a moment before she sternly barked out a warning. “If you lose it this time, I will not let you off.”

“I won’t.” Yan Rusheng smiled as he promised her. “I will keep it with me every day as if I’m keeping a miniature Wen Xuxu in my pockets.”

Xuxu chose to overlook the second part of his sentence and was rather pleased with his promise.

They were able to enjoy three days of holiday all because of New Year’s Day. They left two days before the occasion since it was already time to head back to work.

They had a quick meal at Mu Li’s place before rushing out to catch the flight back home.

It was already midnight when they reached the capital city.

Qiao Jian came to fetch them. Xuxu couldn’t get a wink of sleep throughout the flight, so sleepiness washed over her once they got inside the car.

Yan Rusheng’s cell phone rang when they were almost home.

The ringing slightly annoyed Xuxu, but she continued her nap after shifting to a different sleeping position.

Yan Rusheng glanced at the screen and silenced it. He caught a glimpse of Xuxu before answering the call. He muttered, “Why did you call?”

“Get a nurse over. I’m too busy.”

Yan Rusheng had briefly instructed the person over the phone and hung up.

Xuxu woke up once again despite Yan Rusheng’s hushed conversation. She sleepily rubbed her eyes and noticed that Yan Rusheng didn’t look too happy. It puzzled her, and so she asked, “Who called?”

Yan Rusheng managed a brief smile and shook his head. “It’s work.”

The car entered the courtyard. Xuxu and Yan Rusheng were surprised to see the house still brightly lit.

Aunt Zhang was a very thrifty person and she wouldn’t have switched all the lights on since the only person at home with her was the butler.

The butler opened the courtyard gates when he saw Yan Rusheng’s car approaching.

A silver Mercedes was parked in the courtyard, and the headlights were so bright that they couldn’t clearly see the car plate.