Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 536

Chapter 536 First Aunt Is Here

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“Who came?” Xuxu was puzzled as she pushed the car door open.

Yan Rusheng got down from the other side. They walked together towards the white Mercedes to look at the car plate.

“C City.”

“First Uncle!”

Xuxu and Yan Rusheng looked at each other, and then simultaneously exclaimed the moment they saw the plate.

They quickly strode back to the house.

“First Madam, it’s getting late. Why don’t you take some rest upstairs first?”

The chandeliers illuminated the whole living room.

Xuxu and Yan Rusheng could hear Aunt Zhang’s voice when they got to the door. ”First Madam?”

As if their minds were on sync, Yan Rusheng and Xuxu looked at each other once more.

They had a hunch with regards to First Aunt’s abrupt visit. The reason might have been because of First Uncle’s illegitimate children and his mistress. Xuxu kicked off her shoes and swiftly made way inside the house.

“Aunt Zhang, you should take some rest first. Don’t mind me.” Jiang Qinglian was sitting on the sofa.

She wore a black shirt and her curled hair tied up in a ponytail. It had been some time since Xuxu last saw her, and she seemed to have lost weight.

Xuxu’s heart ached a little at the sight of her. “First Aunt.”

She called out to her and hastened her footsteps.

Jiang Qinglian’s eyes went wide with happiness upon hearing Xuxu’s voice. Her stressed out face broke into a smile. “Xiaosheng, Xuxu, both of you are back.”

However, her smile seemed rather forced.

Her voice was hoarse as though she had screamed for some time, too.

Xuxu felt a pang of sadness. She could somehow understand how First Aunt was currently feeling. She sat down beside her.

She tightly held onto her arm. “First Aunt, did you come here alone?”

Jiang Qinglian answered, “With my chauffeur.”

Xuxu felt slightly more relieved when she heard her. From C City to Capital City, the journey would take around seven hours. If First Aunt had made the trip aloneeven though she had made it safe and soundXuxu wouldn’t be able to rest easy.

“Have you both eaten?” Jiang Qinglian raised her head to look at Yan Rusheng.

“We ate on the flight,” promptly answered Yan Rusheng as he sat down next to Xuxu.

Jiang Qinglian stole a quick glance at Xuxu before she hesitantly opened her mouth. “Xiaosheng, you have you met them?”

Xuxu’s heart seemed to clench when she heard Jiang Qinglian’s question. The way she mentioned‘them’, it was as if it took a tremendous effort on her part to do so.

She knew who she was referring to, and she felt that Jiang Qinglian’s heart must have felt like being stabbed when she mentionedthem.

When she saw Yan Rusheng behaving intimately with another woman before, she could taste the agony of her heart slowly breaking to the extent that she could hardly breathe. It was even worse when she heard that healmosthad a child with another woman.

The agony must have been worse for Jiang Qinglianher husband had other children with another woman!

For so many years, she had been kept in the dark. How would she be able to accept the fact that she was sharing her husband with another woman?

Yan Rusheng lightly nodded. He then honestly answered, “Yes, I have.”

Xuxu watched Jiang Qinglian, and she seemed to have quivered a little. She wanted to stretch her hand to support her.

But she knew that this concern was redundant as it would make her look even more pitiful.

“First Aunt, I’ll get the luggage inside. You should chat with him.” Xuxu stood up and walked towards the door.

But Yan Rusheng had already informed Qiao Jian earlier for him to place the luggage at the door.