Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 538

Chapter 538 Bitterly Disappointed

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Yan Rusheng looked at Xuxu and spoke with a slightly mocking tone. ” Ha. The Wen Xuxu who doesn’t enjoy meddling in others’ affairs is now sticking her nose into this matter.”

Xuxu retracted her gaze and eyed him. She was hopping mad. She lectured, “How can you put it in this way? This concerns both First Aunt and First Uncle. How can I feign ignorance?”

If it was someone else, she would definitely not bother. Even if she bumped into a woman fighting with a mistress over such matters on the street, she would always choose to walk away from the scene.

Yan Rusheng weakly smiled and used his hand to ruffle her hair with affection. “Silly lass! Hurry and take a shower and rest early. You must be freezing.”

He grabbed her hand and true to what he said; it was indeed cold.

“Alright, I shall grant you your wish! Let’s get a divorce!”


Xuxu was fast asleep when she was jolted awake by a yell and the sound of a door slamming. “First Aunt!” she thought.

She instantly widened her eyes and immediately sat up. The bed was empty. When she touched the space beside her, it wasn’t warm anymore.

“Yan Weiye, you’re too much!”

Jiang Qinglian shouted at the top of her voice once more, and then it was followed by her heart-wrenching cries.

Xuxu flung the blanket away and didn’t even bother putting on her bedroom slippers. She bolted for the door, barefooted. After wrenching the door open, she ran out of the room but the corridor was already empty.

The cries were coming from First Uncle’s bedroom.

She scurried across to the room and was about to knock on the door.

“She doesn’t have much time left. How can I leave the children in the lurch? They’re my children and even if this is my mistake, they are innocent. I have an obligation to protect them and secure their future.”

Yan Weiye’s voice sounded from the room, and Xuxu’s hand hesitantly hovered in mid-air.

“If she didn’t give birth to the children, she wouldn’t have suffered from poor health.”

Jiang Qinglian remained silent as Yan Weiye carried on trying to persuade her.

His words peeved Xuxu. What did he mean by she helped him bear his children?

Was First Aunt barren? All of his words callously stabbed First Aunt’s heart.

“Qinglian, I’m sorry. I just want to fulfill my duty as a father.”

Jiang Qinglian snorted. “Duty as a father? All these years, you’ve been secretly taking care of them. And you’re saying that you didn’t fulfill your duty?”

“Mother has been keeping an eye on me, so I haven’t met her in more than a decade. I only recently went to visit her because her health is rapidly declining.”

Not only Jiang Qinglian was shocked, but it also left Xuxu dumbfounded.

So it meant that Grandmother had already known that First Uncle had a mistress?

Jiang Qinglian asked the burning question that Xuxu wanted to ask as well.

“You mean mother… knew this all along?”

“Yes, she knows all along. And she had been preventing us from meeting.”

“So you mean Mother knew of the children’s existence?”

“Yes. There was a year I didn’t return home for quite a long period. It was because Mother had given me a beating that it left me hospitalized.”

“Yan Weiye, get out. I want to be alone.”

Jiang Qinglian seemed overwhelmed by emotion, and her voice quivered. But she seemed to have calmed down.

However, Xuxu could tell that she was suppressing herself and it was agonizing for her.


Xuxu’s eyes glistened, and she finally understood why Grandmother managed to take care of her family. She had everyone in harmony.

She was firm, upright, and strict.

And if she was not mistaken, the kind and filial First Aunt would have accepted this arrangement.

Xuxu had always respected and loved First Uncle. But the mistake that he had made left her bitterly disappointed.

First Uncle obviously knew his wife too well. She was the one who had stayed beside him for decades, hence he knew what her weakness was.