Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 539

Chapter 539 What Made You Feel So Insecure?

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“Wen Xuxu, do you want to die?”

A man came down from the stairs and made his way towards Xuxu. She was startled upon hearing his chiding voice. She then spun around to face him.

Yan Rusheng was dressed impeccably, and he seemed to have just returned from somewhere.

She asked, “Where did you go? It’s barely dawn.”

Yan Rusheng’s eyes swiftly darted around before he responded. “I had an urgent matter.”

He bent down and his expression turned stern when he saw that she wasn’t wearing anything on her feet. “Wen Xuxu, do you know how cold it is? Do you want your stomach to hurt again?”

He lectured her before lifting her off her feet.

He had already raised his feet to go back to their room when suddenly, Jiang Qinglian’s room swung open.

Yan Weiye came out and was shocked to see Yan Rusheng and Xuxu. He stammered, “Why are the two of you awake at this hour?”

Xuxu didn’t look at Yan Weiye, instead, she tried to catch a glimpse of Jiang Qinglian. However, her view was blocked by the bathroom.

She struggled in his embrace as a sign for Yan Rusheng to put her down, but the latter didn’t oblige and instead carried on walking forward.

He ignored Yan Weiye too.

After they had entered their room, he used his foot to shut the door after them.

Xuxu wound her hands around Yan Rusheng’s neck and give him a quick peck on his lips.

It startled Yan Rusheng, and he began to wonder why his woman suddenly became so proactive?

Xuxu gazed at him with a satisfied smile. “This is to reward you since you’ve done well. To a man who had an extramarital affair, we need to give him the cold shoulder so that he can reflect on his mistake.”

Yan Rusheng snorted and his eyebrows knitted closely together. “Didn’t you praise First Uncle often?”

He continued to walk towards the bed.

Xuxu frowned and said, “Being nice to me and having an extramarital affair are two separate issues.”

Yan Rusheng smiled and remained mum. He walked to the bed and gently tugged Xuxu in bed. “It’s still early. We should catch a nap.”

He began to undress.

Xuxu watched him and asked, “Why did you head out just earlier? What did you do? It’s so early.”

Yan Rusheng briefly paused before giving her a fleeting smile. “Something happened to Lu Yinan.”

Xuxu answered with a vague‘oh’and didn’t press on. She could tell that Yan Rusheng didn’t really want to say more.

Besides, she wasn’t interested to know what happened to Lu Yinan, anyway.

Yan Rusheng changed into his loungewear and went to the other side of the bed and collapsed on it.

Xuxu cuddled against him with his hand wrapped around. She then shut her eyes close.

Yan Rusheng absent-mindedly gazed at the woman in his embrace. She gradually fell asleep, but her hands were still tightly clenched on his clothes as though she felt insecure.

He frowned slightly and began to ponder.

“I was afraid that you would divorce me after I have your child”

Although she said nothing, he could tell that she seemed different from her usual self. She gave in to his demands and was initiative.

He wasn’t clear as to what had happened to her, but he could tell that she desperately wanted a child. She was so disappointed when her period came while they were on vacation.

“Wen Xuxu, what made you feel so insecure? Did Jiang Zhuoheng’s departure leave such a huge and lasting impact?”