Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 540

Chapter 540 I'll Wait For You In The Car

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Why did Jiang Zhuoheng pop into his mind?

He had yearned to have Wen Xuxu all to himself

Yan Rusheng stared at Xuxu and fell into a stupor for a while. He flipped his body around and grabbed his phone.

He quickly typed a text and sent it. ‘In the future, you have to take care of her matters by yourself. Don’t bother me anymore.’

He deleted the text after sending it and stowed his phone away. He then switched off the bedside lamp, and turned around to lie down on the bed facing Xuxu.

Xuxu and Yan Rusheng slept through until 10 a.m.,and they were obviously late for work.

They were already late, anyway.

Yan Rusheng told Xuxu not to be anxious but the latter couldn’t help herself. They were swarmed with work and there was a huge pile of work waiting for them.

After washing up, she changed into her clothes and left the room first.

She peeked at Yan Weihong’s room and hesitated. She strode across and walked to their door and knocked.

No one responded.

“Missy, First Master and First Madam are downstairs.”

Aunt Zhang called out to her from the stairs.

“Oh.” Xuxu nodded and turned to walk towards the staircase.

She peered at the living room from the landing and saw Yan Weihong and Jiang Qinglian sitting on the couch. The TV was on and they were watching the financial news.

Wen Xuxu softly trod down the stairs. Both of them weren’t aware of her presence.

“First Aunt.” She reached the couch and addressed Jiang Qinglian, while she ignored Yan Weiye.

Jiang Qinglian spun her head and smiled at her. “Xuxu, you’re awake.”

Xuxu was a little embarrassed. “I slept in today.”

“It’s normal to be tired after a trip. You should rest more.” Jiang Qinglian smiled at her. “Go and get some breakfast, it must be cold by now.”

Her spirits seemed to be better as compared to yesterday.

Sigh. Xuxu sighed quietly to herself. ” Why do women have to be so silly and foolish? They can be easily taken in by a man’s lies and sweet talks,” she thought to herself.

Any decision her First Aunt would make, she will give her full respect. Though she felt sorry for her plight, this was still her marriage—she had no right to interfere.

“Wen Xuxu, have you eaten breakfast?”

Yan Rusheng descended the stairs and sternly looked at her.

Xuxu said, “I was waiting for you.”

She ran up to Yan Rusheng and pulled him along with her to the dining room.

Aunt Zhang already had warmed up the breakfast after seeing that both were already awake. She placed the food on the table as they entered.

“Third Young Master, Missy. Please have your breakfast, I’ve just warmed it up.”

Xuxu smiled and responded. “Thank you Aunt Zhang. Don’t tire yourself and get some rest.”

“Alright, leave the plates here after you’ve eaten. I’ll clear them later.” Aunt Zhang removed her apron and left.

After Aunt Zhang left, Xuxu flung Yan Rusheng’s hand away in a huff. “Looks like First Aunt has given it. All men are despicable!”

Feeling aggrieved, Yan Rusheng protested, “What do you mean all men? It has nothing to do with me.”

Xuxu pouted. “I don’t care, you still have to stand on First Aunt’s side.”

Yan Rusheng smiled helplessly. “Eat your breakfast.”

She was an intelligent woman, didn’t she knew that this would happen?

When they were almost done with their breakfast, Jiang Qinglian walked in. She halted her footsteps when she was at the door and glanced at Xuxu.

Xuxu gulped down the rest of her milk and informed Yan Rusheng. “I’ll go get my bag and I’ll wait for you in the car.”